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Explosion rattles Colombia’s capital, 26 injured

An explosion injured at least 26 people in the Colombian capital Sunday, most of them police guarding a bullring that had been targeted by protests on reopening last month, officials said.

Amateur video captures Colombian cargo plane crash – Watch

Amateur video captures Colombian cargo plane crash – Watch

The Boeing 727, operated by the Colombian carrier Aerosucre, was bound for Bogota from Puerto Carreno, near the Venezuelan border.

Colombian cargo plane crash kills five crew

A Colombian cargo plane crashed three minutes after taking off in the east of the country Tuesday evening, killing five crew members and critically injuring another, officials said.

Colombia's FARC rebels turn over 13 child soldiers

Colombia's largest rebel group has handed 13 child soldiers over to an international humanitarian mission as part of a deal to end decades of bloody fighting.

Colombia court backs referendum on peace deal with FARC

A peace deal being negotiated with FARC rebels will ultimately be subject to a referendum once mooted by the Colombian government, the constitutional court ruled Monday.

Thousands of Colombians pose nude `in the name of peace`

Thousands of Colombians pose nude `in the name of peace`

Around 6,000 people in Colombia braved chills to pose naked in Bogota's Bolivar Plaza `in the name of peace` on Sunday.

Ex-mayor of Colombia's capital jailed 18 years for graft

The former leftist mayor of Colombia's capital has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for taking bribes in the awarding of ambulance contracts.

Scores of dismembered bodies found in Colombian jails

Remains of at least 100 dismembered prisoners and visitors have been found in drain pipes at a jail in Colombia`s capital that houses drug traffickers, Marxist rebels and paramilitaries, investigators said on Wednesday.

Colombia arrests 11 in sex-trafficking ring

In the capital Bogota, four people were captured for being brokers of air tickets and visas to China, police said.

Small plane crashes in Colombia capital; 4 dead, 12 injured

A small plane crashed into a residential area of Bogota shortly after taking off from the capital's airport, setting a bakery on fire and killing all four people on the aircraft and injuring a dozen people on the ground, authorities said.

Peace with FARC rebels brings cheers, cynicism from weary Colombians

A pledge from Colombia`s government and FARC rebels to end Latin America`s longest war by next March brought both applause and doubts among a people bruised by 51 years of death, disappearances and damage to the economy.

Colombia issues arrest warrants against 22 army officers

Colombia has issued arrest warrants for 22 active and retired army officers and two civilians for their alleged involvement in an extrajudicial execution of 18 people, prosecutors said.

Two blasts hit Colombian capital, 10 hurt

Two minor blasts have rattled the Colombian capital Bogota and injured at least 10 people, amid an uptick in violence and strains in negotiations to end the country`s internal conflict.

Colombia's FARC rebels step up infrastructure attacks, kill 3 police

Colombia`s FARC rebels shot dead three police officers on Thursday and brought down an energy pylon, cutting off power to half a million people in the country`s south, the military said, as the Marxist group steps up attacks amid stumbling peace talks.

No jail time for rebels: Colombia`s FARC

Colombian leftist rebels holding peace talks with the government insisted Wednesday that none of their people should end up in jail for fighting in the five-decade-old war.

Colombian President calls for peace as FARC death toll climbs

The president of Colombia called Saturday for accelerated peace negotiations with FARC guerrillas, as local media reported that seven rebels had died in an ongoing government offensive.

Chinese Premier offers investment in post-conflict Colombia

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday his country would invest in a post-conflict Colombia, despite the uncertainty of stop-start peace talks between the Latin American nation and rebels to end decades of fighting.

Drug plane from Venezuela crashes off Colombia's coast

A small plane from Venezuela with more than a ton of cocaine on board has crashed into the Caribbean while being pursued by Colombia's air force.

At least 33 dead in Colombia landslide: Officials

 A massive landslide triggered by heavy rains in northwest Colombia killed at least 33 people Monday, authorities said, warning the death toll could rise since some families were still missing.

Colombian government expresses support for gay marriage

 Colombian Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo has confirmed the government`s support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual community`s campaign for marriage rights, Spanish news agency Efe reported.