Five new monkey species discovered
Five new monkey species discovered

 Conservationists have discovered five new monkey species in South America that have, since, been added to the animal record books.

Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state

Bolivia today renounced a visa exemption agreement with Israel in protest over its offensive in Gaza, and declared it a terrorist state.

Hundreds of human skeletons found in Bolivian mining city

Construction workers in Bolivia have stumbled upon a mass grave with the remains of hundreds of likely indigenous miners during the Spanish colonial era, a researcher said Saturday.

Bolivia legalizes child labor for kids from age 10

Bolivia has passed a law authorizing children to work from age 10, saying the rule is necessary due to realities in the impoverished country where kids join the labor market prematurely.

Chile rejects court`s role in sea access row with Bolivia

President Michelle Bachelet said Monday she will seek to have the International Criminal Court of Justice declared an inappropriate venue for settling landlocked Bolivia`s demand for access to the Pacific through Chile.

Bolivian president considers Suarez ban a `revenge`

Bolivian president Evo Morales said that the sanctions imposed by FIFA on Uruguay`s Luis Suarez is a revenge attempt, after several European teams were eliminated by South American teams from the World Cup.

11 stabbed at Bolivian airport

Eleven people were hurt when a man authorities described as mentally ill went on a stabbing spree at El Alto International Airport, which serves this Bolivian capital, officials said.

13 killed in bus-truck collision in Bolivia

Thirteen people were killed and five injured in Bolivia Saturday in a head on collision of a truck and bus.

Mahinda Rajapaksa heads to Bolivia for G77 summit

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa today headed towards Bolivia to attend a G77 summit, at a time when the parliament is set to discuss the impending international probe on alleged human rights violations during the last phase of the conflict with the LTTE.

Bolivia fires hundreds of protesting soldiers

Bolivia`s military leaders have ordered the dismissal for sedition of 702 low-ranking soldiers who had been protesting for equal treatment in the country`s armed forces.

70 dead in Bolivia Carnival: Official

Carnival festivities in Bolivia left 70 people dead, most of them in road accidents but at least 15 in acts of violence, the government said Wednesday.

HC cautions govts against privatising drinking water services

Citing example from Bolivia, the Madras High Court has cautioned governments against privatising fundamental sovereign responsibilities including providing drinking water to public.

Bolivia floods kill 38, more heavy rains forecast

Torrential rain and floods in Bolivia have killed 38 people and left many homeless, said the government.

Bolivia declares emergency over weeks of flooding

Bolivia`s government has declared a national emergency to deal with flooding that has claimed at least 30 lives and forced some 21,000 families from their homes over the past two months.

Bolivian President appoints new legislative leaders

Bolivian President Evo Morales has appointed new parliamentary leaders for the 2014-2015 legislative term.

10 killed in trailer-minibus collision in Bolivia

At least 10 people were killed and five seriously injured in Bolivia when a minibus collided with a trailer, Xinhua reported.

Bolivian city hires `cholita` traffic policewomen

This city in Bolivia`s highlands has hired Aymara women dressed in traditional multilayered Andean skirts and brightly embroidered vests to work as traffic cops and bring order to its road chaos.

China launches communication satellite for Bolivia

China successfully sent a Bolivian communications satellite into orbit with its Long March-3B carrier rocket from southwest Xichang Satellite Launch Centre early Saturday, Xinhua reported.

Plane crash in Bolivia kills 8, 10 hurt

There were 16 passengers and two crew on board the Fairchild Metro 23 aircraft.

Ecuador president meets Fidel, Raul Castro on Cuba trip

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa met with Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and his younger brother, President Raul Castro, the leftist South American leader said.