Germany charges four alleged Islamists over attack plots

German authorities today charged four alleged Islamist militants for plotting a failed bomb attack at a railway station and the murder of a far-right anti-Muslim activist.

Indian student brutally attacked in Germany

A 24-year Indian student in Bonn was brutally attacked by Islamic extremists who slashed his tongue when he refused to convert, German police said.

Asia Pacific nations want Indian to head UN climate talks

India`s candidate for the top job has been supported by the Asia Pacific countries, including the developed economies like Japan and South Korea.

Afghanistan`s allies pledge to stay for long haul

Foreign governments pledged on Monday to support Afghanistan long after allied troops go home.

Russia writes off $11 bn in Afghan debt

Russia also provides humanitarian aid to Afghanistan - more than 40,000 tonnes of wheat flour and other shipments.

Climate talks appear to slip backward

Global climate talks appeared to have slipped backward after five days of negotiations in Bonn.

Bonn Declaration pledges yet to materialise: BBC

Ahead of next month’s Copenhagen Summit, it has been detected that money pledged to developing nations in the 2001 Bonn Declaration can’t be traced.