Fans and Vegas bookmakers abuzz over Mayweather-Pacquiao
Fans and Vegas bookmakers abuzz over Mayweather-Pacquiao

Fight fans rejoiced and social media exploded on Friday at the news that the long-awaited clash between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao would at last take place in Las Vegas on May 2.

Bookmakers offer varied odds on next pope

As cardinals gathered in the Vatican on Tuesday to elect a new pope, bookmakers appeared as uncertain as everyone else as to who would emerge as leader of the world`s 1.2 billion baptized Catholics.

Bookmakers to monitor big bets on minor sports

British bookmakers will be monitoring unusually big wagers placed on minor sports during the London Olympics to help prevent fixing scandals.

Waugh`s figures of 56 betting approaches may be wrong: Lorgat

Lorgat has questioned Waugh`s claim that 56 cricketers reported illegal approaches by bookmakers to the sport`s governing body last year.

`56 players approached by bookmakers last year`

Steve Waugh has claimed that 56 cricketers have reported being approached by illegal bookmakers in the past one year alone.