3 glasses of booze per day may cause liver cancer

 If you are a regular drinker, you might want to put that gas down, as new study has revealed that consuming 3 glasses of alcohol per day can cause liver cancer.

Working too hard can drive you to booze: Study

It`s true: working too hard can drive you to drink, said researchers Wednesday who warned of the health risks of such dual excess.

Nicole Scherzinger can chug more booze than guys
Nicole Scherzinger can chug more booze than guys

 Nicole Scherzinger has recently claimed that she has a better capacity than guys, when it comes to drinking.

Roger Moore dumps booze for 'new vice' diet coke
Roger Moore dumps booze for 'new vice' diet coke


London: Roger Moore has revealed that is off alcohol because of his dietary changes since he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and diet coke is his new vice.

Alcohol-related terms too can lead to aggression

Are you exposed to terms related to booze but do not drink alcohol? Exposing people to alcohol-related terms can influence aggressive behaviour in ways similar to actually consuming alcohol, a study reveals.

Lee Ryan reveals DUI and drug arrest was `biggest wake-up call`

Lee Ryan has revealed that his drink-driving and drug arrests have forced him to finally face his demons.

Science behind foaming beer bottle explained

Scientists have explained why tapping a newly-opened beer bottle quickly turns booze into foam.

Why booze makes us aggressive

Researchers, who investigated what are the causes of alcohol-related aggression, have outlined the social, psychological, and neurobiological factors that contribute to the link between alcohol consumption and increased aggression.

Candidates distribute booze among voters under Delhi EC`s nose

With Delhi assembly elections little over a month away, certain political parties are going all out to lure voters.

Ozzy Osbourne `gives up on smoke, booze and drugs for honey`

Ozzy Osbourne has said that he has ditched his former demons in favour of Manuka honey.

Women who drink pass bad habits to offspring

Women who drink heavily tend to pass their bad habits to their teen offspring, warns a UK study.

Two Iranians sentenced to death over booze

A court in the Iranian province of Khorasan has sentenced two local men to death after they were caught drinking alcohol for the third time.

Pregnant Carla Bruni eager to deliver so she can drink, smoke again

French First Lady Carla Bruni, who is pregnant with President Nicolas Sarkozy’s child, has revealed that she cannot wait to deliver her baby as she wants to start drinking and smoking again.

Why people look more attractive to you after you’ve had a bit of booze!

Ever wondered why people look more attractive and beautiful to you after you have had a bit of booze? Well, it all because of the bilateral symmetry.

Tanning is as addictive as booze or drugs

Tanning pulls off an addictive reward-and-reinforcement trigger in the brain, a new research has found.

Demi Lovato says ‘sober is sexy’ to warn fans against booze and drugs

Demi has spoken out about addiction after entering rehab last year to tackle her self-harming and eating disorder issues.

Amy Winehouse partied and boozed ‘wildly’ days before her death

The late singer Amy Winehouse partied and boozed ‘wildly’ at a gig before hitting a late-night party – just days before her death.

Maha govt makes alcohol laws tougher; age for buying booze up

Maharashtra Govt made it illegal for anyone below 25 years of age to consume or purchase alcohol.

Coffee and booze linked to high increase of BP

New studies have shown that consumption of coffee and alcohol could cause dramatic increase in BP.

Katie Price’s booze shame at Sir Elton John`s post-Oscars party

Mum-of-three Katie Price a.k.a Jordan allegedly shocked guests at Sir Elton John`s post-Oscars party – by getting trashed.