World`s fastest robot can reach up to 45 mph

Florida-based Robotics Unlimited has built OutRunner, a six-legged robot that can reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour on a treadmill and 25 miles per hour outdoors.

US military`s latest weapon: Robot that gallops at 25 km/h

US scientists have developed a new four-legged robot called WildCat that gallops at 25 km/h on flat ground and will aid military and rescue operations.

DARPA unveils humanoid robot

The US military has unveiled one of its most-advanced humanoid robots known as Atlas, which was created to assist in future emergency situations, the American Forces Press Service reported.

Four-legged "Cheetah" robot sets new speed record

The Cheetah is part of a program aimed at achieving theoretical and experimental advances in the science of robotics.