Aggressive people's brains react lesser to violent media

A new research has found that people with aggressive traits react differently to exposure to violence.

How people's brain get synchronised during movies
How people's brain get synchronised during movies

Know what happens inside people's brain when they watch movies together in a theatre? Their brain activity gets synchronised as they watch intense scenes.

New technology controls brain activity with light-sensitive protein

Scientists have revealed that a new technology, Optogenetics, allowing them to control brain activity by shining light on neurons and relies on light-sensitive protein s that can suppress or stimulate electrical signals within cells.

Brain activity explains why kicking the butt is hard for some

Researchers have identified an aspect of brain activity which may help explain why for some cigarette smokers, strategies to aid quitting work well, while for many others no method seems to work.

`Free will` may stem from brain noise

Our ability to make choices - and sometimes mistakes - might arise from random fluctuations in the brain`s background electrical noise, according to a new study.

How memories are born

Researchers have said that by tracking brain activity when an animal stops to look around its environment they can mark the birth of a memory.

How we store our recollections

Researchers have identified the nature of brain activity offers new insights into how we store our recollections.

Now, headband to `read` your mind

Scientists are developing a headband that can read brain activity and connect with a computer to determine whether the wearer is bored, fatigued, or sharp.

Why some people remember dreams decoded!

Scientists have found that an information-processing hub in the brain is more active in people who can remember their dreams.

Liars find it more rewarding to tell truth than fib

Liars find it more rewarding to tell the truth rather than lying when deceiving others, a new research has found.

How our brain makes sense of situations never encountered before

Researchers have said that they may now know about the mechanism that our brain uses to make sense of novel situations.

People being `right-brained` or `left-brained` myth debunked

Researchers have claimed that there is no evidence within brain imaging that indicates some people are right-brained or left-brained.

Why familiar lifts are easier to operate than new ones

Researchers have tried to unravel what makes our brain switch between habitual and goal-directed actions.

Practice makes your brain more efficient: Study

Practice makes the brain`s motor cortex more efficient, scientists have found.

Now, a system that helps detect when drivers fall asleep behind the wheel

Latest advances in capturing data on brain activity and eye movement are being combined to develop a system, which can help detect when drivers are in danger of falling asleep at the wheel.

Potential brain `switch` responsible for our behavioural change identified

A new study by investigators at the University of Michigan and Eli Lilly may reveal the "switch" that helps our brains to make the shift from current behaviours to new ones.

Spike in brain activity may deter Alzheimer`s

Short bursts of brain activity may help protect from Alzheimer`s, says a study conducted by researchers in Israel.

Interference with brain activity at high frequency linked to Alzheimer`s

A Tel Aviv University study has revealed the missing link between brain patterns and Alzheimer`s disease.

Too much brain activity may be linked to Alzheimer`s

High levels of neuronal activity in parts of the brain may play an important role in the development of Alzheimer`s disease, a new study has claimed.

Scientists decode brain activity of monkeys

Scientists were able to "see" that two monkeys were planning to tackle the same task differently, even before they moved a muscle, thanks to a decoding of their brain activity.