Eye tracking technology can gauge brain injury

Researchers have developed a new technology that can assess the location and impact of a brain injury merely by tracking the eye movements of patients as they watch television for less than four minutes.

Patients in vegetative state show 'hidden awareness'

A new study has revealed that there is "hidden brain signatures" of consciousness in the patients in a vegetative state.

Oldest evidence of human brain damage found

Anthropologists have unearthed a 100,000-year-old skeleton of a child in Israel who may have died because of a brain injury - the oldest evidence of brain damage in a modern human.

Immune response to injury may damage brain: Study

Can our immune system trigger memory impairment and cognitive dysfunction leading to chronic neurological diseases? Researchers at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio believe so.

Brain injury may be present even without symptoms

Damage to the brain may still occur even if symptoms of traumatic brain injury are not present, scientists, including one of Indian origin, suggest.

Bangalore ATM attack: Victim discharged from hospital, accused still at large

Corporation Bank officer Jyothi Uday, who was brutally attacked with a machete inside an ATM kiosk, was reportedly discharged from hospital on Saturday.

Bangalore ATM attack: Police detain suspect

Police has detained a suspect in the brutal attack of a middle aged woman in an ATM kiosk last month.

Bangalore ATM attack: Man resembling assailant spotted in Andhra

In the latest development, Andhra Pradesh PSU bank officials on Sunday claimed to have possibly spotted the unidentified assailant, who had brutally battered a middle aged woman in an ATM kiosk here on November 19.

Bangalore ATM attack victim recovering, assailant not ‘first timer’

Doctors said on Wednesday that the woman, who was attacked inside an ATM kiosk here last evening, remains critical but stable and has suffered a brain injury.

Biosensor to detect brain injuries during heart surgery

Scientists have developed a fingernail-sized biosensor that could alert doctors when serious brain injury occurs during heart surgery.

How brain filters out distractions to concentrate

Researchers have shed new light on the cellular mechanisms responsible for the ability of brain to pay attention to relevant information while ignoring distractions.

Brain injury puts people at higher risk for stroke

People who have a traumatic brain injury (TBI) are likelier to suffer a stroke, according to new research.

Brain rewires itself after damage or injury

When the brain`s primary "learning center" is damaged, complex new neural circuits arise to compensate for the lost function.

Hidden epidemic of neurological disability for India uncovered

A team of US and Indian researchers has identified hidden epidemic of neurologic disability for India fuelled by brain injury, stroke and age-related dementia.

Nanoparticles quickly stabilize blood flow in brain after injury

A nanoparticle developed at Rice University and tested in collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) might aid emergency care of traumatic brain-injury victims, even those with mild injuries.

Cord blood helps US girl recover from critical brain injury

A little girl in US was able to get out the vegetative state she was reduced to after a brain injury, thanks to cord blood stem cells.

High-fat diet ‘injures brain’

A high-fat diet, followed for even a short time, injures the brain, a new study has found.

‘Heading’ of soccer ball may harm brain

A soccer ball increases the risk for brain injury and cognitive impairment.

Brain injury raises dementia risk: Study

According to researchers, even concussions can raise the risk of developing dementia later in life.

Brain injury raises dementia risk: Study

According to researchers, even concussions can raise the risk of developing dementia later in life.