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This new drug may help to combat Alzheimer's disease

Zee Media Bureau

New York: A study has found an experimental drug that may help combat Alzheimer's disease.

Muscle strength may help to improve brain function

The findings show a positive causal link between muscle adaptations to progressive resistance training and the functioning of the brain among those over the age of 55 with MCI.

Highly caffeinated beverages mixed with alcohol affects brain

Drinking highly caffeinated beverages mixed with alcohol will trigger changes in the adolescent brain which are similar to taking cocaine, study suggests.

Repeatedly heading a football may impair memory, says study

Heading the football repeatedly during a match could cause significant memory problems in players for up to a day, scientists have found

Here's how Alzheimer's disease can be possibly prevented

A new study has found out that consuming pills that prevents the accumulation of toxic molecules in the brain might someday help prevent or delay Alzheimer`s disease.

26-year-old brain dead man's kin donate his kidneys; gift life to two

Manoj, who is from Patiala met with an accident this week on Zirakpur-Patiala highway and was admitted to Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in a serious condition

Brain dead man's kin donate his vital organs to three patients

Three ill patients who had minute chance of revival got a new life with the deceased's liver, heart and heart valves.

Look out for physical root of depression!

 A new research by the University of Warwick, UK, and Fudan University, China has taken the understanding of the physical root of depression a step forward.

Possible new therapy for anxiety-related conditions found!

 The nerves we feel before a stressful event, like speaking in public, for example, are normally kept in check by a complex system of circuits in our brain.

Domestic violence linked to raumatic brain injury!

Head injuries are among the most common type suffered in domestic violence, which can lead to repetitive brain injuries that often have chronic, life-changing effects, much like what we see in athletes.

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins studies neuromapping at space station! See pic

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins studies neuromapping at space station! See pic

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins, who is currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS), has been sharing many beautiful images of the Earth from the space station.

Cholesterol deprivation can kill brain tumour cells

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and most aggressive form of brain cancer, which is extremely difficult to treat. 

Things you can do to prevent dementia!

Dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes which is caused by brain disease or injury.

Stroke – 10 warning signs you should know!

Strokes can strike poeple of any age, including children, but adults over 65 years of age are most at risk.

Perceived obesity leads to lesser body satisfaction for women

In a first of its kind study, scientists examined healthy individuals and their brain activity about the perception of their respective bodies and found that the way they perceive their bodies directly trigger neural responses which can lead to body dissatisfaction.

Revealed - How teenagers learn differently than adults!

The findings showed that teenagers do not necessarily have better memory, in general, but rather the way in which they remember is different.

More than 50 million Pakistanis suffer from mental disorder: Experts

If reports are to be believed, more than 50 million people suffer from mental disorder in Pakistan.

Early use of weed may lower IQ, affect brain function

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal substance in the world. 

New treatment to beat nicotine addiction a step closer

Researchers have crystallised and determined the 3D structure of a protein that could help them develop new treatments by understanding nicotine's molecular effects.

Beware! Smoking weed may decrease your creative thinking capabilities

A new study has found that smoking weed may put you at risk of losing your creativity as well as make you less aware of your mistakes.