First person in UK convicted for Syria-related terror charges

A British Muslim has become the first person in the UK to be convicted of terror offences in connection with the conflict in Syria.

British Muslim charged with Syria-related terror offences

A 29-year-old British Muslim was on Thursday charged with terror offences linked to Syria following a series of arrests during counter-terrorism raids in the UK.

British Muslim leaders sermonise against sexual grooming

Imams from at least 500 mosques across Britain used the Friday sermon to condemn the sexual grooming of children, a day after five Pakistanis were jailed for a series of child abuse charges.

UK faces fresh threat from ‘Nike terrorists’

Three men convicted of plotting an attack to eclipse 7/7 were not recruited by radical preachers, but influenced by extremist rantings online.

Man ordered to remove Islamic lettering outside house in London

A millionaire Muslim businessman in Britain has been ordered to remove an Islamic message from the side of his luxury house.

UK bomb plotters discussed attacks: Prosecutor

Khalid, Ashik Al and Irfan Naseer are accused of plotting to set off multiple bombs, either on timers or in suicide strikes.

British Muslim jailed for urging killing of MPs

Bilal Zaheer Ahmad posted the threat against UK lawmakers who voted for the Iraq war on Nov 3, 2010.

Jailed British Muslim terrorist rants on extremist website

Shah Jalal Hussain is heard slamming fake jehadis who don`t prepare properly.