UK Police arrest man linked to 'Islamist extremism'

British police say they have arrested a man suspected of being involved in preparing acts of terrorism.

Two arrested in Britain after bomb scare prompts easyJet plane evacuation

Officers were called to the easyJet flight bound for Marrakech after reports that a passenger had claimed to have a bomb in his bag.

UK police arrest 15-year-old boy after telecoms cyberattack

British police say they have arrested a teenage boy in Northern Ireland in connection with a cyber-attack on British telecoms company Talk Talk.

London mosque blaze ''not a hate crime'', say police

A suspected arson at the complex of Europe`s largest mosque in south London is not believed to be a hate crime, British police said on Monday.

UK police hold two women for alleged terror offences

UK police hold two women for alleged terror offences

 British police on Thursday charged a 26-year-old woman with inciting terror through Twitter and membership of the Islamic State group, and arrested a 15-year-old girl on suspicion of preparing an attack.

British police seize drone flying over Wimbledon

British police seize drone flying over Wimbledon

British police seized a drone flying over Wimbledon courts as some of the world's top tennis players converged here for the Grand Slam starting tomorrow.

Rwandan spy chief Karake arrested in London

Rwandan spy chief Karake arrested in London

 British police have arrested the head of Rwanda`s intelligence service on a warrant from Spain where he is accused of involvement in war crimes linked to the genocide, prompting a furious reaction from Rwanda.

British police hunt for family of 12 suspected of travelling to Syria

British police said on Tuesday they were hunting for three sisters and their nine children whose family fear they may have travelled to Syria to join a relative believed to be involved in the fighting there.

Tom Hanks' son wanted by police

Hollywood star Tom Hanks' son Chester 'Chet' Hanks is wanted by British police for smashing up a hotel room.

British police launch manhunt for prisoner who escaped jail

 Police have launched a manhunt for a violent prisoner following his escape from a high-security jail in Britain`s Staffordshire county, media reported on Saturday.

UK child abuse probe: 261 people, including 76 politicians, under scanner

British police said Wednesday said they have received historical child sex abuse claims against 261 public figures, including 76 politicians, as they respond to a surge in complaints sparked by the Jimmy Savile scandal.

British police say 261 people of "prominence" suspected of child sex abuse

 British police investigating allegations of historical child sex abuse said more than 1,400 people had been named as suspects including 261 described as "people of public prominence" including dozens of politicians and TV stars.

Asian man wanted for rape of woman at bus stop in UK

British police are hunting for an Asian man for attempted murder after he dragged an 18-year-old woman, waiting at a bus stop, into a garden and raped her in the northern England town of Leeds.

Pakistani-origin men among 10 charged with child abuse in UK

British police on Monday charged 10 men, mostly of Pakistan and Afghan origins, with sexual exploitation of girls as young as 13 in the northern England town of Rochdale.

Authorities probe `racist` Chelsea fans video

Authorities probe `racist` Chelsea fans video

French prosecutors and British police on Wednesday pledged to investigate footage of self-proclaimed "racist" Chelsea supporters preventing a black man from boarding a Paris subway train.

UK police arrest 76 at London Eric Garner "die-in" protest

  British police said on Thursday they had arrested 76 people at a protest about the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man killed in New York in a police chokehold, after demonstrators attacked a shopping centre in west London.

British police force issues terror alert to staff

A British police force has issued an alert to its staff after receiving terrorist threats to kidnap and murder one of its officers.

Police find no explosion near UK army barracks after blast report

British police said it carried out a lengthy investigation involving counter-terrorism experts and bomb detection dogs following reports of a blast near Britain`s largest army training site on Saturday, but found no evidence of an explosion. 

British man arrested on suspicion of planning a bomb attack

London: British police arrested an 18-year-old man on suspicion of planning a bomb attack and evacuated 50 people from a housing estate on Monday.

Two bodies found after UK fireworks warehouse blaze

British police have found the bodies of two men after a blaze at a fireworks warehouse that sent plumes of black smoke and explosions into the sky.