New Scottish leader holds first meeting with Cameron

Scotland's new first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, met British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday for the first time since taking office, with the two discussing the further devolution of powers.

Irish political leader Gerry Adams held over woman`s murder

Irish republican leader Gerry Adams, head of the Sinn Fein political party, was questioned over the murder of a woman in 1972, the party said in a statement.

British govt says will not block assisted suicide bill

The British government will not stand in the way of legislation that would permit assisted suicide, the Ministry of Justice said today as parliament prepares to examine a bill.

Britain corrects World Cup hooligan blunder

The British government has corrected a blunder in which it barred 2,500 of England`s most notorious football hooligans from just the opening day of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, a newspaper said Sunday.

UK govt wins secrecy order for Litvinenko probe

The British government won a court order today ensuring that key aspects of an inquiry into the death of a poisoned former Kremlin agent remain secret.

Germany demands explanation over UK surveillance programme

Germany has demanded an explanation from the UK govt over reports that its intelligence agency had systematically snooped into Internet and telephone data of millions of users in the country.

UFO reports had alien warning to Queen Elizabeth II

The recently declassified reports about UFO sightings in UK includes a letter addressed to the Queen Elizabeth II by UFO researcher.

UK reiterates strong support for democracy in Pak

The British government has reiterated strong support for democracy in Pakistan following recent events.

UK likely to cut 1 billion pound aid bill to India

Under pressure to slash its annual financial assistance to India, cash-strapped British government is likely to cut its one billion-pound aid bill to the country.

UK rejects appeal on student visa curbs?

The recent curbs on student visas are intended to reduce the number of international students as well as prevent abuse.

Britain releases previously secret files on empire

Long-forgotten files carrying secret documents from the waning days of the British Empire were opened to the public Wednesday.

Report backs controversial UK high-speed rail plan

The Network Rail review says that alternatives will cause long delays to travellers during the building stages
and fail to deal with overcrowding on trains.

Keith Richards claims he was targeted by British government

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has claimed that the British Government, in late 60s, was determined to punish the band.

British govt tables law to protect Prince Charles from public scrutiny

In order to protect Prince Charles from public scrutiny, the British government is trying to amend a law that would lead to a blanket ban on anyone disclosing information about the royal family.

UK govt troubled by violent anti-Islam protests

A British minister is sounding the alarm over a spate of anti-Islam demonstrations that have descended into violence in the past month.