Egypt says uncovers Brotherhood plot, day before Mursi sentencing

Egypt said on Monday it had thwarted a Muslim Brotherhood plot against the state, a day before a court is expected to give a final ruling on a death sentence recommendation against Mohamed Mursi, Egypt`s former Islamist president.

Morsi verdict alarms US, experts see `war` on Brotherhood

The United States expressed alarm Sunday at death sentences for Egypt`s ousted president Mohamed Morsi and dozens of others, a verdict experts called a declaration of "total war" on his Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt Brotherhood chief handed fourth life sentence

An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced to life imprisonment the head of the banned Muslim Brotherhood over the killing of protesters who stormed the group`s Cairo headquarters in 2013.

Egypt postpones trial of Brotherhood head, 198 Islamists

An Egyptian military court has postponed to March 9 the trial of the Muslim Brotherhood leader and 198 other Islamists over deadly clashes after president Mohamed Morsi`s ouster, an army official said Monday.

Brotherhood Supreme Guide Badie, 14 others jailed for life

Top Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and 14 others were on Monday sentenced to life in prison by an Egyptian court on charges of murder and inciting violence during a protest near Cairo last year.

Egypt court bans Brotherhood members from polls

An Egyptian court on Sunday banned members of ousted president Mohamed Morsi`s Muslim Brotherhood from running in upcoming elections, a lawyer and state media said.

Egypt police shoot dead two Brotherhood members: Report

Policemen killed two armed members of Egypt`s Muslim Brotherhood in a shootout on Thursday in the Nile Delta north of the capital.

India, Pakistan to jointly organise 5th World Cup Kabaddi

India and Pakistan will jointly host the next edition of the World Cup Kabaddi to foster goodwill, brotherhood and friendship between the two nations, it was announced here Saturday.

Arab leaders tacitly back crackdown on Brotherhood: Analysts

Most Arab leaders tacitly support Egypt`s deadly crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, fearing the group`s growing regional influence since the Arab Spring threatens their own power, analysts say.

Egypt to try Brotherhood members on torture charge

Officials at the chief prosecutor`s office in the northern Egyptian city of Damanhour have referred two local Muslim Brotherhood officials for trial for allegedly kidnapping and torturing three men at the group`s headquarters.

Mubarak likely to quit, Muslim brotherhood fears coup

Egypt Prez looked likely to step down after more than two weeks of protests against his 30-year rule.

ElBaradei mulls alliance with conservative Muslim Brotherhood

Mohammed ElBaradei, a leading
campaigner for democratic reform in Egypt, indicated a possible partnership with the conservative Muslim Brotherhood
in order to bring changes in the country.

Egypt`s Brotherhood pulls out of election

Egypt`s top two opposition movements
on Wednesday pulled out of parliamentary elections, citing widespread
fraud, after they were all but shut out in a first round of

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood declares results of vote

Egypt`s main opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, announced results on Monday of a controversial election for its governing body, with analysts saying the group`s old guard won the bulk of seats.