New method produces low-cost 3D 'mini brains'

Researchers have developed an easy and less expensive method to produce 3D miniature brains that can be used for drug testing, to test neural tissue transplants, or to experiment with how stem cells work.

Looking at bright screens before sleeping can affect sleep patterns of young teens

A new study has revealed that looking at bright screens before going to bed can affect the sleep patterns of young teenagers.

Screen exposure hampers sleep in young teenagers

Even an hour of night-time light exposure - like from a smartphone, a TV or a tablet - can hamper the release of the sleep hormone in young teenagers.

Video game helps robots plan their actions!
Video game helps robots plan their actions!

Researchers have used a popular video game to develop an algorithm that can help robots learn how to tell which objects and actions might be useful to achieve a goal.

Glass deposits show Mars once had life
Glass deposits show Mars once had life

In a pioneering feat, researchers have discovered glass deposits on the Red Planet, providing a delicate window into the possibility of past life on the Red Planet.

Former IITian launches learning tool kit for children

Toys, games, books, encyclopedias and do-it-yourself activity material which encourages children to explore, tinker, construct, create and more now comes bundled in a box that can be subscribed to every month.

Soon, edit photos with text commands

Struggling with photo editing software? Switch to a new technology that changes weather, time of day, season or other features in photos with simple text commands.

Man Arrested on Woody Allen film set

A man has been arrested and charged with assault after allegedly throwing furniture on the set of director Woody Allen`s new movie.

How virtual crowds reveal real behaviour

Know why you do not bump into someone as you walk in a crowd where everyone seems to be moving in a coordinated way? The answer lies in a virtual crowd.

Emma Watson set to graduate from Brown University

`Harry Potter` star Emma Watson will graduate from Brown University this month. The 24-year-old actress` four years at the Ivy League school will come to an end on May 25 when she receives a degree in English Literature, reportedly.

Large impact crater could hold clues about Moon`s mantle

Researchers sifting through data from the Moon Mineralogy Mapper that flew aboard India`s Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter found a diverse mineralogy in the subsurface of the giant South Pole Aitken basin.

Indo-US ties a defining 21st century partnership: Nirupama Rao

Indo-US ties have liberated itself from the shackles of the past to become a defining 21st century partnership, former Indian Ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao has said.

`Novel` compound helps exploit Achilles` heel in TB bacterium

Researchers have used a novel compound to exploit an Achilles` heel in the bacterium that causes tuberculosis.

Lifestyle and age linked to diabetes-related protein

A new study has found definitive associations between certain lifestyle and demographic factors and levels of a promising early biomarker of type 2 diabetes risk.

Mystery behind Mars` double-layer craters revealed

Brown planetary geologists have come up with an explanation for the formation of more than 600 "double-layer ejecta" (DLE) craters on Mars.

Did ancient snowfall cause valleys on Mars?

Some valleys on the surface of Mars appear to have been caused by ancient runoff from melting snow, US researchers said.

Cry analyser to track babies` health

Scientists have developed a new computer-based tool that analyses the cries of babies, searching for clues to potential health or developmental problems.

Bats fly using recycled energy stored in biceps and triceps

A new study on fruit bats used cutting edge technology to see how these small mammals move through the air.

Asian minorities better off than many whites in US: Study

Asian neighborhoods have substantially higher incomes and college-educated residents than the neighborhoods that whites live in, a US study has found.

Breastfeeding benefits baby`s brain

A new study has found more evidence that breastfeeding is good for the baby`s brain.