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Obama to request hike in US military budget: Officials

President Barack Obama plans to ask for an increase in military spending in a proposed budget for 2016, with a request for $585 billion that would exceed funding caps mandated by Congress, officials said Wednesday.

Congress escalates attack on govt through social media

New Delhi: Taking on government through social media, Congress has criticised it for "budget cuts" in different sectors, "dilution" of land bill and accused the NDA dispensation of doing "another U turn" on depositing cooking gas subsidy amount in consumers' bank account.

World Bank cost-cutting finance chief declines bonus

The World Bank`s finance chief said he would decline the remainder of his bonus in a move that appeared aimed at quelling discontent among staff who thought it out of line given planned layoffs and budget cuts.

Tear gas used to disperse protesters in Helsinki

Police used tear gas to calm down hundreds of demonstrators who were against the government`s budget cuts in downtown Helsinki Friday evening, Finnish media said.

US Army to cut 80,000 troops by 2017 to reduce budget

The United States Army has announced to reduce its strength by a whopping 80,000 by 2017 as part of a budget-cutting plan, making it one of the largest force reductions since World War II.

Obama urges US Congress to end `dumb` budget cuts

President Barack Obama on Saturday called on the US Congress to end the "reckless" and "dumb" budget cuts known as the sequester, and to adopt a plan of "smarter" cuts to fuel economic growth.

US budget cuts force military jets to drop air shows

Even a rural festival celebrating the harvest of Georgia`s famous sweet onions isn`t safe from the federal budget battle 1,000 kilometres away.

Obama jokes about budget cuts, Biden at exclusive dinner

US President Barack Obama was in his elements over a whopping USD 85 billion forced spending cuts his administration was facing, saying, "My joke writers have been placed on furlough."

Ministries brace for budget cuts up to 24%

While some ministries are reconciled to the anticipated budgetary cut by the Finance Ministry, a few others are cribbing about it.

‘US playing up China threat to avoid budget cuts’

Chinese think tanks have rejected a
US Congressional report on the Communist nation`s weapon`s development, describing it as a trick to offset the Pentagon`s
shrinking budget.

Angry British police to seek right to strike

Britain`s Conservative-led coalition is seeking to make cuts of some 20 percent to police budgets.

Budget cuts take US military to the edge: Panetta

Leon Panetta said US President agreed with his assessment that there should be no further cuts to defence spending.

`Budget cuts will mean smaller US military`

US defence budget cuts will
require a "smaller" US ground force and "hard choices" about how to preserve American military power with less money, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday.

BBC slashing 2,000 jobs amid budget cuts

BBC must make budget cuts of 20% following a freeze in the licence fee, which all
Britons with a television must pay.

Budget cuts to hurt Yemen`s fight against al Qaeda: US

The US Congress is struggling to cut spending, including foreign aid.

Budget cuts force CERN to shut accelerators for a year

CERN however said its flagship "Big Bang" machine will mainly be unaffected.