Bugs can solve India's uranium dilemma: Expert

The exploitation of bugs to extract and process uranium from low-grade ores can help India generate fuel for nuclear reactors in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, an expert said here on Friday.

How bats track their targets in cluttered scenes revealed

A study has provided a new insight into how bats focus on their targets such as bugs through the trees in the dark of night.

Tennis strawberries may contain fatal bugs

new research has revealed that tennis strawberries have killer bugs hidden in them.

`Impregnable` superbugs may soon be history

Researchers have discovered a class of agents that can make some of the most notorious strains vulnerable to the same antibiotics that they once handily shrugged off.

Ganges full of deadly `superbugs`: Study

In May and June when millions of pilgrims throng Rishikesh and Haridwar in Uttarakhand to take holy dip, levels of antibiotic-resistant `superbugs` have been found 60 times greater than other times of the year, shows research.

Microsoft awards over $100,000 to expert for finding bugs

Microsoft Corp is paying a hacking expert more than $100,000 for finding security holes in its software, one of the largest such bounties awarded to date by a high-tech company.

Google raises 5-fold reward for reporting bugs to $5,000

Google has decided to raise the reward amount it pays to those reporting bugs by five-fold, or up to USD 5,000.

Bugs may be last surviving life on Earth

Bugs may be among the last survivors of the end of the world, researchers say.

Dogs bring swarm of bacteria into your home

Your loyal pooch may be bringing a whole world of bacteria into your home including certain bugs that are rarely seen in households without dogs, a new study has found.

US museum educates visitors about bugs

Beetles, centipedes and tarantulas are among the insects that visitors to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, or NHM, can learn about.

United Nations urges hungry world to eat bugs

The United Nations has issued an official advice suggesting that insects can help combat food-insecurity worldwide, as they are a virtually "untapped" source of food for people.

Bugs in gut could help lose weight

Scientists have shown that tinkering with bugs present normally in the gut could provide a tool to weight-loss, says a study.

How sweat protects people from dangerous bugs

Scientists has discovered how an important natural antibiotic called dermcidin, produced by our skin when we sweat, is a highly efficient tool to fight tuberculosis germs and other dangerous bugs.

Bugs ate 200,000 tonnes of oil spill: Study

Hydrocarbon-eating bugs in the Gulf of Mexico cleared over a period of five months at least 200,000 tonnes of oil and natural gas that had spewed into the water body from a ruptured 2010 deepwater well, say US researchers.

Your presence stirs up 37 mn bugs indoors

An individual`s mere presence in a room stirs up 37 million bugs every hour.

Bugs help make eco-friendly detergents

Surfactants remove dirt from human skin, textiles and others solids.

Bugs can help trap underground carbon dioxide

Bugs could help prevent global destruction for real by trapping underground CO2, that threatens our climate.

Bugs may be resistant to genetically modified corn

One of the nation`s most widely planted crops — a genetically engineered corn plant that makes its own insecticide — may be losing its effectiveness.

Bugs can convert drugs into deadly toxins

Bugs can convert traces of drugs, present in sewage, into deadly toxins, especially during the water treatment process.

Bugs generate power while cleaning nuclear waste

Researchers have figured out how a class of bugs can deliver double benefit -- generate power while cleaning up nuclear waste and other toxic metals.