One of 'Transformers' spin-offs may center on Bumblebee
One of 'Transformers' spin-offs may center on Bumblebee

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner has hinted "Tranformers" character Bumblebee may get a spin-off movie.

Bumblebee goes vintage for `Transformers 4`

The yellow Autobot in the film `The Transformers` will get a 1967 Camaro as its new vehicle form in the upcoming action film directed by Michael Bay and headlined by Mark Wahlberg.

Lost bumblebee returns to UK

A species of bee known as the ‘bumblebee’, which had disappeared from the English countryside almost a quarter of a century ago has been reintroduced to UK.

Group seeks endangered listing for bumblebee

A conservation group filed a petition Wednesday to add a bumblebee from Southern Oregon and Northern California to the endangered species list.

Flight of the bumblebee recreated by scientists

Scientists with modern software say they have created a computer model that shows how bumblebees manage to defy laws of aerodynamics.