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Quit-smoking pill won't trigger heart attack, depression

An anti-smoking pill that was earlier thought to increase the risk of heart attack and depression is actually safe.

Wristband that can help tackle depression

 A wristband that records motion throughout a 24-hour cycle may be a great aid in treating depression, says a study.

Kicking the butt leads to improved metabolic effects

People who quit smoking have improved metabolic effects, shows a new study.

Combined medication helps smokers kick the butt more than single drug therapy

A team of researchers has found that among cigarette smokers, combining the smoking cessation medications varenicline and bupropion, compared with varenicline alone, resulted in higher smoking abstinence rates.

Depressed smokers more likely to quit than non-depressed counterparts

A new study has shown that depressed smokers are more likely to successfully quit than their non-depressed counterparts.