France`s Hollande sparks row on African democracy

France does not want to preach democracy to its former colonies, President Francois Hollande said Sunday after taking flak for accusing African leaders of seeking to cling to power.

Burkina PM pledges reforms after new government`s first meeting

Burkina Faso`s military ruler turned prime minister pledged to carry out reforms on Monday as an interim government formed in the wake of president Blaise Compaore`s fall met for the first time.

Transitional government appointed in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso authorities issued a decree on Sunday announcing an interim government, with President Michel Kafando and prime minister Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida also taking on the key ministries of foreign affairs and defence.

Fears of army influence as interim Burkina PM picks team

Burkina Faso army strongman and new Prime Minister Isaac Zida is set Saturday to name his ministerial team, amid fears of continued military influence over the phased return to democratic rule.

All victims identified in Air Algeria crash

The identification of victims from a mysterious Air Algeria crash in Mali in July has been completed, allowing the remains to be returned to their families, the French foreign ministry said on Friday.

Morocco says Burkina Faso's Compaore to stay for limited period

Burkina Faso`s former president Blaise Compaore, who was toppled in a popular uprising last month, will stay in Morocco for a limited period after fleeing his country, the Moroccan government said on Friday.

Army to keep grip on power as Burkina`s civilian govt takes over

Burkina Faso strongman Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida formally hands power on Friday to interim president Michel Kafando but, as prime minister, will ensure the military keeps a grip on government.

Ousted Burkina President arrives in Morocco from Ivory Coast

Burkina Faso`s deposed president Blaise Compaore arrived in Morocco from Ivory Coast, where he has been in exile since his ouster in a popular revolt last month, the Moroccan foreign ministry announced early Friday.

Burkina Faso`s new PM: A career soldier out of the shadows

Isaac Zida, who kept a firm grip on power in Burkina Faso on Wednesday by being named prime minister, is a career soldier who emerged from the shadows following Blaise Compaore`s ouster.

Army`s Zida named Burkina Faso Prime Minister: Decree

The military officer who held power after the fall of Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore, Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida, was on Wednesday named prime minister in the country`s interim government.

Kafando is interim president of Burkina Faso

 Burkina Faso`s former ambassador to the UN, Michel Kafando, has been sworn in as the country`s interim president, to serve during a transitional period until general elections are held in November 2015.

Diplomat sworn in as Burkina Faso`s interim leader

Career diplomat Michel Kafando was sworn in Tuesday as Burkina Faso`s interim president to steer the west African nation during a one-year transition back to civilian rule following the toppling of its veteran leader.

Career diplomat to be sworn in as Burkina`s interim leader today

Career diplomat Michel Kafando will be sworn in as Burkina Faso`s interim president on Tuesday to steer the west African nation during a one-year transition back to civilian rule following the toppling of its veteran leader.

Career diplomat named Burkina Faso`s interim leader

Career diplomat Michel Kafando was Monday chosen as Burkina Faso`s interim president, to steer the west African nation during a one-year transition back to civilian rule following the ousting of its veteran leader.

Burkina Faso chooses Michel Kafando as interim president

Veteran diplomat Michel Kafando has been chosen as Burkina Faso`s interim president, officials in the west African country announced Monday and will head the country until 2015.

Kafando was selected after several hours of negotiation, which had begun the previous day.

Burkina scrambles to pick interim head before sanctions deadline

Burkina Faso on Sunday scrambled to pick an interim president ahead of an African Union sanctions deadline after the army seized power following the ousting of longtime ruler Blaise Compaore.

Reluctant archbishop favoured as Burkina transition leader

A Catholic archbishop emerged today as a consensus candidate to serve as Burkina Faso's interim president after the ouster of longtime ruler Blaise Compaore, sources close to the process said -- despite his own misgivings.

Burkina Faso army accepts transition charter

 Burkina Faso`s head of transition Isaac Yacouba Zida has said the army is in agreement with the Transition Charter proposed by civilian groups, but talks are still on to identify the future president.

Burkina army, civil groups agree transition pact

Burkina Faso`s army on Thursday reached an agreement with opposition parties, civil groups and religious leaders for a transition to civilian rule, almost two weeks after the ouster of president Blaise Compaore.

Burkina army, civil groups remain divided over transition

Burkina Faso`s army and civil groups Tuesday struggled to approve a framework for a transitional government after the ouster of the country`s longtime ruler.