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Thousands rally after Burundi journalist released

Thousands marched through Burundi`s capital Thursday in one of the largest demonstrations in recent years after the release of a popular journalist and government critic from jail, months ahead of key elections.

Celebrations as Burundi radio boss freed on bail

A Burundi court on Wednesday released on bail a radio station director accused of "complicity" in the murder of three Italian nuns, his lawyer said.

Burundi warns campaigners opposing president`s possible third term

 Burundi`s president will bid for a third term in June elections if selected by his party, his spokesman said Sunday, defying campaigners who say such a move would violate the constitution and risk violence.

Burundi warns campaigners opposing president`s third term bid

 Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza will bid for a third term in June elections, his spokesman said Sunday, defying campaigners who say such a move would violate the constitution and risk violence.

Burundi police, soldiers executed 47 rebels: Rights Group

The Burundian army, police and members of the ruling party's youth league executed 47 people following a clash with an armed group in the country's northwest, an international human rights group said.

Burundi rivals hold talks to ease pre-vote tensions

 Burundi`s ruling party has said it is "ready for compromise" with the opposition to ensure peaceful elections, as warnings mount of the risk of violence in the upcoming key polls.

Burundi opposition leaders detained as polls loom

Burundi opposition leaders on Friday accused Bujumbura of eliminating rivals ahead of elections, after a senior opposition figure was jailed for bribery and another arrested for rebel links.

Opposition arrests and jail sentences as Burundi polls loom

Burundi has sentenced a top opposition chief to five years in jail or bribery and arrested another for rebel links, opposition leaders said Friday, accusing Bujumbura eliminating rivals before elections.

Burundi government boycotts UN election mission launch

Burundi's government boycotted today the launch of the UN observer mission for elections in May and June, as concern mounts of the risk of violence in the key polls.

Mystery Burundi rebels raise unrest fears ahead of polls

Captured rebels in Burundi stand sullenly against a wall under the guard of government troops: survivors of ferocious battles as fears mount of growing violence ahead of elections.

Gunmen kill three Burundi ruling party activists

 Gunmen in Burundi dressed in military fatigues burst into a bar and shot dead three ruling party activists before torching the local party office, police and local officials said Tuesday.

100 killed in Burundi clashes

At least 99 people have been killed in Burundi after clashes broke out last week between an unidentified rebel group and government troops in Cibitoke province, media reported Monday.

At least 100 dead in Burundi attack by rebel group: Military source

At least 100 rebels have been killed after a cross-border attack against the central African nation of Burundi from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a top military source told AFP Sunday.

14 killed in clash on Burundi-DRCongo border: Officials

At least 14 fighters were killed today in clashes between Burundian security forces and members of an unidentified armed group who came from the Democratic Republic of Congo, officials said.

Two killed, six peacekeepers wounded in Central African Republic

Two people were killed in fighting in the capital of Central African Republic and six peacekeepers from Burundi and Cameroon were wounded in an ambush, a spokeswoman for the United Nations mission in the country said on Saturday.

Gruesome bound and bagged body mystery on Burundi-Rwanda lake

Fishermen say the corpses started coming some two months ago: rotting bodies with bound limbs or stuffed in sacks, floating on the glittering waters of Lake Rweru on the border between Burundi and Rwanda.

Two Italian nuns killed in Burundi: Government

 Two elderly Italian nuns were murdered in their convent in the capital of Burundi, with police hunting their suspected killer, government officials said Monday.

Burundi dismisses `crackdown` report as `outright lies`

Burundi`s government on Thursday rejected reports the ruling party is carrying out a crackdown against the opposition ahead of elections, calling an Amnesty International report "biased and partisan."

Burundi denies `plot` to kill opposition leader

Burundi`s interior minister on Sunday denied government involvement in an alleged attempt by a policeman to assassinate a prominent opposition leader.

Burundi student Yannick Nihangaza airlifted to home country

Burundi national Yannick Nihangaza was on Monday flown out of India in an air ambulance to his country in Africa more than two years after the computer science student went into a coma following an attack on him in Jalandhar.