China orders probe after man castrates 4 in hospital

Seven local officials are being investigated in China after a man stated to be a worker at a hospital castrated four patients using a razor.

How dinosaurs had sex without hurting each other

With all that bony armour and spiky tails thrashing about, sex must have been a risky business for dinosaurs, which ruled the Earth for 135million years, according to scientists.

Pak activist Jahangir suggests castration for Delh

Pak rights activist Asma Jahangir suggested that the men involved in the gang-rape of a young woman in Delhi should be punished with castration.

South Korean court orders chemical castration of child rapist

A South Korean court ordered chemical castration of a repeat child sex offender in a first such decision given in the country.

Amnesty Int`l criticizes chemical castration law

Amnesty International has criticized a new law that authorizes the chemical castration of people in Moldova.

Germany urged to halt castration of sex offenders

Under German law, serious sex offenders can volunteer for the operation as part of their treatment.

In virtual world, men support castration for rapists

Some men have come out in full support through a forum called `Support castration`.

Delhi court for ‘castration’ as rape punishment

Expressing concern over the spurt in rape and sexual abuse cases in Delhi, a local court said that lawmakers should explore possibility of permitting imposition of alternative sentences like surgical or chemical castration.