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Watch: NASA's SDO captures unraveling solar prominence in new video

Watch: NASA's SDO captures unraveling solar prominence in new video

As seen in this video, an elongated solar prominence rose up above the sun’s surface and slowly unraveled on February 3.

Situation still tense after clashes on access to CME road in Pune

The situation at Bopkhel village near here continued to be tense but under control on Friday after clashes broke out between police and locals protesting against denial of an access road that passes through defence land housing the College of Military Engineering (CME).

Flash crash trader used rapid series of brokers: Documents

The UK futures trader blamed for his role in the May 2010 Wall Street flash crash went through a rapid succession of brokerages that cleared his trades on the CME, documents filed in court showed.

John Hopkins extends medical curriculum to Indian students

John Hopkins University to offer cardiology, diabetology and rheumatology courses through distance education for the first time in India. Prachi Rege reports.

Solar storm could have plunged world into darkness in 2012

Earth had a near miss with a solar flare from the most powerful storm on the Sun in over 150 years that could have caused widespread power blackouts, scientists say.

Watch: Sun emitting its latest powerful solar flare

A powerful solar flare was emitted from the sun early Tuesday, the US scientists said.

Sharpest ever images of the Sun`s atmosphere captured

Scientists have captured the sharpest ever images of the Sun`s outer atmosphere, using an innovative new camera on-board a sounding rocket.

CME group plans derivatives exchange in London next year

Once established, CME would be in direct competition with the likes of Eurex and Liffe -- major players in the derivatives exchanges space.

Huge solar flare slams into Earth

NASA has revealed that a massive solar flare that erupted on the Sun over the weekend has hit the Earth’s magnetic field at approximately 8:15 a.m. EDT on Monday, following the impact of a coronal mass ejection (CME).

Gold falls from record levels, sheds Rs 390 on reduced offtake

Snapping a six-day long record setting spree, gold prices Friday retreated from all-time high of Rs 26,490 per 10 grams to Rs 26,100 per 10 grams on reduced offtake amid a weak global trend.

CME in informal talks to take over CBOE: Report

CME Group is in talks to take over Chicago Board Options Exchange in a deal that would value the largest US options mkt at up to USD 5bn.