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Developed countries agree to double funds for biodiversity

The developed countries agreed to double funding by 2015 to protect the planet`s animal and plant species.

UNDP unveils strategy to address biodiversity loss

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) today unveiled a robust environmental strategy to address unprecedented levels of global biodiversity loss.

No consensus on resource mobilization for biodiversity

The discussions in the `contact group` formed at the ongoing UN convention on biodiversity to try and arrive on the same page over the issue of resource mobilisation for biological diversity have come to an end.

Environmentalists urge alternatives to sand

With sand mining playing havoc with India`s coastal biodiversity, environmentalists have called for developing alternatives.

Activists call for implementing government commitments on CBD

The CBD process should focus on implementing commitments made by governments over the past 20 years," S Faizi of the Indian Biodiversity Forum said.

`Expenditure on bio-diversity must be looked as an investment`

Expenditure on conserving bio-diversity should be looked as an investment for future and the present global economic crisis should not discourage countries on investing more on this front.

COP-11: Natarajan calls for consensus on impact of LMOs

The United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity began today at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre with host nation India taking over as the chair from Japan.