3 Chinese officials punished for forging credentials

Three Chinese officials have been punished for forging credentials and personal information in the organisation department of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC).

Top Chinese Communist Party official held for corruption

The ruling Communist Party chief of China`s wealthiest city of Guangzhou, a rising political star, has been arrested in a corruption probe sending shock waves among officials.

Two top Nepalese communist leaders on China visit

Nepal`s two ex-prime ministers - leaders of two communist parties - have embarked on a visit to China, in what is being termed as an attempt to strengthen party-to-party ties with the ruling CPC.

China sets five-year plan to check corruption

Communist Party of China (CPC) has vowed to fight corruption and maintain its "high-handed posture" in the next five years.

China`s CPC to remove obstacles in modernising military

China`s ruling Communist Party on Tuesday unveiled a plan to bring the 2.3 million-strong military under its direct command and pledged to remove obstacles in modernising the world`s largest standing Army.

Superstition spreading fast among CPC ranks: Report

China`s ruling Communist Party is battling growing trend of superstition among its rank, deviating from the principles of atheism which formed the core of party`s Marxist ideology.

China removes CPC member Jiang Jiemin from supervisory post

China`s cabinet Tuesday announced the removal of CPC member Jiang Jiemin as head of the Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) on graft charges.

New book provides a rare glimpse into secretive world of CPC

64 years in power ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) has released book highlighting successes of "collective leadership" system besides providing glimpse into most secretive style of functioning.

CPC must resist corruption, prevent degeneration: Xi

China`s new President Xi Jinping has said the ruling Communist party should resist corruption, prevent degeneration and ward off "risks" to maintain its governing position for long a time.

Tibetan monks wish Xi good luck as China`s new leader

Set to get elected as China`s new President, Xi Jinping has received a three metre-long letter from 108 Tibetan high monks wishing him good luck, state-media reported on Saturday.

Pick up courage to implement reforms: Xi tells officials

China`s new leader Xi Jinping has asked the ruling Communist Party officials to pick up courage to implement the reforms like "wading through a dangerous shoal", without getting bogged down with fears about the outcome.

Top CPC body to finalise China`s new Cabinet next week

The ruling Communist Party of China, headed by its new leader Xi Jinping, would meet next week to finalise a new Cabinet and administrative reforms.

Chinese city`s top cop replaced for covering up son`s crime

The police chief of Taiyuan has been removed from his post due to a scandal involving his role in covering up his son`s drunk driving offence.

Jiang Zemin decides to move down in CPC pecking order

A decade after he stepped down as China`s top leader, Jiang Zemin has announced his decision to recede into the background.

Xi favours targetting `flies`, `tigers` of corruption

China`s new leader Xi Jinping has taken the anti-corruption campaign to the petty bureaucracy and minor infractions of lowly officials who are the bane of everyday lives of many Chinese.

China’s Xi Jinping vows to fight against corruption

Xi Jinping Tuesday vowed to fight against corruption and punish every corrupt official so as to earn the trust of the people.

Chinese censor row daily says reform should include open media

After its strike against official interference, a Chinese state-run weekly said policy of opening up, which is being advocated by country`s new leaders, must also be reflected in a more open media.

Xi calls for political courage by CPC to implement reforms

Seeking to mitigate the effect of global financial crises, China`s new leader Xi Jinping Tuesday demanded more political courage.

China`s ruling party to curb extravagance, power abuse

As part of an anti-graft drive, the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) will make more efforts to keep its members away from extravagance.

China still has 200 million poor below poverty line: CPC

Concerned over the rising wealth gap in Chinese society, top leaders of the ruling Communist Party of China have pledged to uplift over 200 million people from poverty in the coming years.