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Include these foods in your diet to treat edema!

If your ankles and feet are swollen, have puffy eyes and a general feeling of heaviness, then you might be suffering from endema.

Sugar found in leafy greens good for your gut health!

The discovery also paves the wave for developing an entirely new class of antibiotics.

Plants defend themselves while being eaten

Plants defend themselves while being eaten

Vegetarians please note! Next time when you chew upon your favourite lettuce, be a little more considerate.

`Super broccoli` may help improve autism symptoms

Scientists have discovered that eating broccoli, packed with a health-boosting compound called `sulphoraphane`, helps improve some social and behavioural problems in people suffering from symptoms of autism spectrum disorders.

Recipe: Creamed Cabbage

The interesting recipe of `creamed cabbage` is a veggie delight for all the foodies.

Recipe: Cabbage Paratha

Relish the typical flavour of the cabbage paratha.

Recipe: Baked Cabbage

Healthy and nutritious Baked Cabbage works wonders for health.

Benefits of New Nordic diet revealed

The New Nordic diet, which consists of seasonal berries, cold-climate vegetables, wild meat and fat-rich fish has been hailed by both foodies and health experts.

Plants `can talk`

Researchers say that plants are all communicating with each other in a complex "invisible language".

Low fat cabbage gravy

Low fat cabbage gravy

Try out this yummy gravy.