Rajendran plays a cabbie in 'Vijay 59'
Rajendran plays a cabbie in 'Vijay 59'

 Actor 'Mottai' Rajendran, who rose from a stunt master to one of the most sought after comedians in Tamil cinema, will be seen as superstar Vijay's driver in his next outing which is tentatively titled "Vijay 59".

New York Sikh cabbie jailed for 20 years for rape

A Sikh taxi driver in New York has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for kidnapping and raping a 29-year-old female passenger three years ago, a media report said.

Court rejects bail plea of cabbie accused of rape

A Delhi court on Friday rejected the bail plea of a taxi driver who allegedly kidnapped and raped a girl after taking her to a deserted place.

Pakistan`s first woman cabbie

Zahida Kazmi is happy to have made a dent in a male-dominated profession.

US man charged with stabbing cabbie for being Muslim

A NY man stabbed a cabbie many times after the driver said he was Muslim.

Family feud, petty row linked to UK cabbie`s killing spree

A bitter family row and a petty
fight on a taxi rank led cab driver Derrick Bird to go on mass
killing spree in county of Cumbria, leaving at least 12 dead
and 25 injured before he turned the gun on himself.