Cambodia`s Khmer Rouge leader says conviction a `fairytale`

A former Khmer Rouge leader branded his conviction for crimes against humanity a "child`s fairytale" at a UN-backed court in Cambodia on Friday, as he faced further charges of genocide, forced marriage and rape.

Cambodian illegal log traders arrested over journalist murder: Police

Three suspected timber traders have been arrested over the murder of a Cambodian journalist investigating illegal logging in the country`s forested east, police said Monday.

Khmer Rouge leaders lodge appeal of convictions

Two Khmer Rouge leaders have formally appealed convictions for crimes against humanity which saw them handed life sentences by Cambodia`s UN-backed court.

Australia defends sending refugees to Cambodia

Australia`s Immigration Minister Scott Morrison on Saturday defended the government`s plan to transfer refugees to Cambodia, saying the programme would start small but be a long-term arrangement.

Cambodia, Australia sign $35 mn deal over refugees; activists outraged

Cambodia will resettle potentially hundreds of refugees intercepted trying to reach Australia in exchange for $35 million in aid, forging ahead with an opaque deal condemned by rights groups as a threat to asylum seekers` safety.

Australia confirms refugee deal with Cambodia

Australia confirmed today it will sign an asylum-seeker resettlement deal with Cambodia in a move slammed by human rights groups as violating its international obligations.

Australia confirms refugee deal with Cambodia

Australia confirmed Thursday it will sign an asylum-seeker resettlement deal with Cambodia in a move slammed by human rights groups as violating its international obligations.

Cambodia, Australia set to sign controversial refugee deal

Cambodia said Wednesday it would sign an agreement to resettle Australia-bound refugees on its soil, despite opposition from rights groups to the rerouting of asylum-seekers to one of Southeast Asia`s poorest nations.

Thai surrogate case could be linked to human trafficking

Thai authorities have said a probe into the case of a 24-year-old Japanese man, who allegedly fathered nine surrogate children, could turn out to be a human trafficking investigation.

International tribunal in Cambodia jails Khmer Rouge duo for life

A UN-backed war crimes tribunal in Cambodia sentenced the two top surviving cadres of the Khmer Rouge regime to life in jail on Thursday after finding them guilty of crimes against humanity for their roles in the 1970s "killing fields" revolution.

Cambodia moves on, but still yearns for ``killing fields`` justice

Kheang Khun was 21 and training to be doctor when he was forced into a Khmer Rouge labour camp, where he was routinely beaten and forced to watch executions of people accused of theft, or simply of falling in love.

Cambodia opposition ends year-long boycott of Parliament

Cambodia`s main opposition party announced Tuesday that it had struck a deal with strongman premier Hun Sen to end its year-long boycott of parliament triggered by a disputed election.

Cambodia opposition chief urges end to deadlock

Cambodia`s opposition leader on Saturday called for an end to a year-long political crisis, after a slew of arrests of rivals of strongman premier Hun Sen triggered international alarm.

Five killed in Cambodian helicopter crash

At least five people were killed and one was injured Monday when a military helicopter crashed on the outskirts of Cambodia`s capital city of Phnom Penh, officials said.

Lavish procession to enshrine Cambodian ex-king

Cambodians lined the streets of Phnom Penh Friday as the remains of former king Norodom Sihanouk were transported through the capital atop a golden float shaped like a mythological bird for his enshrinement.

Indian survives 7-day ordeal after falling from Cambodian peak

In an incident reminiscent of the Hollywood movie "127 Hours", an Indian-origin man from Singapore managed to beat all odds to remain alive after slipping from the highest mountain in Cambodia.

Thai military government looks to neighbours for support

Thailand`s military government is shoring up diplomatic ties with Asian neighbours to provide a counterweight to criticism from the West about its seizure of power in May and its reluctance to set an early date for a return to civilian rule.

Cambodia worker exodus hits 220,000, Phnom Penh blames Thailand

The number of Cambodian labourers fleeing Thailand soared to 220,000 on Wednesday, authorities said, as Phnom Penh accused Thailand`s new military rulers of sparking the flight of migrant workers.

Thailand and Cambodia agree to quash `rumours` after worker exodus

Thailand and Cambodia agreed Tuesday to quash "rumours" of a crackdown against illegal migrant workers by the new Thai junta after the exodus of nearly 180,000 Cambodian labourers.

142,000 Cambodian workers return home from Thailand: Official

More than 140,000 Cambodians had fled jobs in Thailand to return home as of Monday, fearing a crackdown on illegal migrants under junta rule, an official said.