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Scientists detect mysterious new state of matter

Scientists detect mysterious new state of matter

The state, known as a quantum spin liquid, was found in a two-dimensional material with a structure similar to graphene. 

Delhi government to send 90 school principals for training in Cambridge

Delhi government has allocated Rs 102 crore for international training of principals and teachers in its budget for the current financial year.

Cambridge University launches written admission tests

The at-interview assessments will take place during the December interview period on the university premises, usually on the same day as the interviews.

Nobel winner V Ramakrishnan refuses to attend Indian Science Congress, calls it a 'circus'

Nobel winner V Ramakrishnan refuses to attend Indian Science Congress, calls it a 'circus'

India-born Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan has refused to attend the Indian Science Congress ever in future and called it a 'circus'.

Stephen Hawking cancels public events due to ill health

Stephen Hawking cancels public events due to ill health

The Cambridge university did not provide any details about the condition of the 73-year-old professor.

Good new! Cambridge University mulling to reintroduce universal entrance exam

Good new! Cambridge University mulling to reintroduce universal entrance exam

Cambridge University is planning to reintroduce a universal entrance exam after nearly two decades to make it easier to pick the brightest students.

Large tableware may make you obese

Large-sized tableware, portions,and packages lead to people consuming more than they actually wish to.

Austistic men, women show typical male pattern on 'eye test'

Researchers have claimed that both men and women with autism show an extreme of the typical male pattern on the 'Reading the Mind in the Eyes', providing strong support for the 'extreme male brain' theory of autism.

People with autism may lack empathy

Empathy, or the ability to recognize or infer someone else's state of mind by reading his or her eyes appear to be low in people with autism.

Women more prone to clinical anxiety than men

Women living in poor areas in Britain are almost twice as likely to develop clinical anxiety as women in richer areas, finds a new study to assess the impact of socio-economic factors on mental health.

Smartphone game to help reduce schizophrenia symptoms

Researchers at Cambridge University have developed a smartphone game that can help reduce symptoms of schizophrenia.

Cambridge University revises sexual assault guidelines

For the first time, the victims of sexual assault at Cambridge University can report their cases directly to officials at one of the world's oldest educational institutions, which was criticised earlier for its failure to protect its students from sexual violence.

Having hypertension related genes may actually help lower risk of developing Alzheimer's

A new study has revealed that having high blood pressure may decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

Cambridge University college breaks tradition to allow men in skirts

Breaking with centuries of tradition, a Cambridge University college has decided to allow women to wear trousers and men to wear skirts at formal dinners after a campaign by a transgender student.

Puberty onset predicts later life diseases

The age at which children hit puberty is linked to diseases that they develop later on in their lives, says a study.

Facebook knows you better than your friends

Researchers from Cambridge University and Stanford University have devised a software that can reveal your personality better than your friends by analysing posts that you "like" on the social networking site Facebook.

Scientists identify gene behind triple-negative breast cancer

Scientists have successfully identified the gene behind one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer, a breakthrough which could lead to new targeted treatments and a comprehensive "molecular understanding" of the deadly disease.

Cambridge retains top spot in UK university ranking

Cambridge University has retained its reputation as Britain's best university while its rival Oxford slipped to number 2 from the joint first spot in the 'University Guide 2015' released here today.

Cambridge says 'alumnus' Manmohan Singh has standing invite

Eager to host its "famous and valued alumnus" Manmohan Singh, Cambridge University has said it has a standing invite for the former Prime Minister of India and it would love to see him on the campus.

Cambridge woos Indian students

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, the vice chancellor of Cambridge University, will lead a senior university delegation to India for a series of meetings and events with Indian academics and decision-makers, the Asian Lite newspaper reported.