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Kim K claims she 'almost invented' selfies before they became 'cool'
Kim K claims she 'almost invented' selfies before they became 'cool'

Kim Kardashian has suggested that might have invented selfies way before they became famous, as she had been clicking her own pictures since she was just 4.

Robotic camera mimics humans to track basketball action

Scientists at Disney Research Lab, Pittsburgh, have developed robotic cameras that mimic human operators to anticipate basketball game action and learn how to better frame shots of a game.

World's fastest 2-D camera is here, can capture 100 billion frames per second

 A team of biomedical engineers has developed the world's fastest camera, a device that can capture events up to 100 billion frames per second.

Cameras that sync with one another to track suspects

Electrical engineers from the University of Washington in the Us have developed a way to automatically track people across moving and still cameras by using a technology that trains the networked cameras to learn one another's differences.

'Mantis shrimp-inspired' camera to detect cancer

Scientists have developed a new camera which can detect cancer and monitor the activity of exposed nerve cells.

Millennials addicted to smartphones

The millennials are in awe of their smartphones, with nearly 90 percent admitting they never leave their devices during the day, says a new survey.

App to save precious data

Here comes an app that can help you save your precious smartphone data even if it is lost or destroyed.

Govt scientist caught taking photos inside WB Assembly

A senior scientist was spotted clicking photos with his mobile camera inside the Assembly when a minister was replying to a debate on the grant for budgetary demands.

More comfortable while facing camera: Kriti Sanon

After walking the ramp for the likes of Tarun Tahiliani and Rohit Bal, model Kriti Sanon made her Bollywood debut with Tiger Shroff-starrer `Heropanti`. Overwhelmed with the success of her first film, she says acting is way easier than facing the live audience.

Now, wearable camera that is hidden in your shirt

Researchers have created a shirt that actually hides a small always-on camera.

Smartphone users vote for long battery life

Forget games, camera or the new friend-making app. For most of British people, battery life of a smartphone is what concern them the most.

AAP deploys 250 cameras to prevent `foul play` by BJP in Varanasi

As the high-voltage campaign for the last phase of polling on Monday ended in this temple town, AAP today announced that it has deployed 250 cameras across the city to keep a tab on BJP workers.

Beat this! Now, swap your body with another person

Believe it or not, living the life of your favourite star or even your pet dog is now a possibility, at least virtually, as a group of artists have now developed a project to experiment body swapping.

UCI chief, Brian Cookson touts on-board cycle cameras

International Cycling Union (UCI) president Brian Cookson said he is mulling over the idea of installing cameras on professional racers` bicycles to bring fans closer to their heroes.

Camera used by Apollo astronaut sells for $827,000

Vienna`s Westlicht photography gallery auctioned off a Hasselblad camera used by late Apollo astronaut Jim Irwin on the moon for 660,000 euros (or $827,000) over the weekend.

Camera used on moon landing sold for USD 7,58,489

It was put on auction as the only camera that made it to the moon and back. And it had its price, nearly USD 760,000.

Camera that detects skin cancer in two seconds developed!

At a time when the frequency of both non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers has been increasing causing serious concerns throughout the world, scientists in Finland have invented a new camera that could change the way of treating the deadly disease in the coming days.

Bees fitted with camera backpacks to check why colonies are collapsing

Researchers have fitted bees with tiny sensors so that they can monitor and study their drastically diminishing populations.

Venezuela: Camera led to arrest in actress killing

The discovery of a digital camera stolen from the popular actress Monica Spear and her ex-husband was key to identifying the seven people arrested in their fatal shooting, the chief of Venezuela`s criminal police said.

`Mind-reading` camera shoots whatever you find interesting!

Researchers have developed a wearable camera that starts recording when it detects that you are interested in what you are seeing.