Holi: Harmful chemicals in colours can cause cancer

Beware of synthetic Holi colours as these can cause costly on your health.

Since most of the Holi colours on sale are made of harmful chemicals like lead, glass pieces and other alkaline material, they may cause deadly diseases like skin cancer.

Extra oxygen could help you fight cancer

In a major breakthrough, researchers have found that just breathing in extra oxygen could spurt the growth of tumour-fighting cells, thereby improving cancer treatment.

'Cancer gene capable of slowing cancer growth'

The suppression of the known cancer gene "STAT3" may actually be counter-productive in the fight against some cancers, an international research team, including two Austrian researchers, has found.

Hormone Replacement Therapy experts say risk of ovarian cancer 'extremely small'

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) experts have stated that risk of ovarian cancer "extremely small" amidst reports that treatment poses serious threat to health.

New mechanism driving spread of cancer cells discovered

A new study has suggested that a protein commonly found in human cells can be an important switch that activates cancer cell metastasis.

 ICC World Cup: Struggling Shane Watson plays on despite friend`s death
ICC World Cup: Struggling Shane Watson plays on despite friend`s death

Struggling Australian all-rounder Shane Watson goes into Saturday`s World Cup clash against New Zealand mourning the death of one of his closest friends who lost his battle with cancer this week.

New options found for treating pancreatic cancer

Sufferers of pancreatic cancer, a disease hard to find and even harder to treat, will have new medical options thanks to genomic sequencing, Australian researchers announced Friday.

Hormone therapy in transgender adults safe: Study

Debunking common fears, US researchers have found no evidence of increase in cancer prevalence or mortality due to hormone therapy in transgender adults.

Popular soft drink ingredient poses cancer risk

 Drinking caramel-coloured soft drinks, such as cola, regularly could put you at higher risk of cancer, a new study has warned.

JP Nadda stresses on importance of yoga in preventing diseases

Health Minister JP Nadda on Sunday said that yoga has a very important role to play in preventing non-communicable diseases like cancer and hypertension and said that the government has given much importance to it in the new health policy presently in the public domain.

Know why eating banana is good for health!

Banana is a fruit which is loved by all and good for health. 

Medicines packed in PET bottles pose health hazard: Study

Doctors have found proof that Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles used for storing medicines pose a health hazard to people, especially women.

Soft drink consumers at a higher risk of cancer

People who consume one or more cans of cold drinks per day are exposing themselves to a potential carcinogen, warns a new study.

Damaged stem cells linked with ageing and cancer

Under conditions of stress, haematopoietic stem cells are driven into a state of rapid cell division and this can directly damage the DNA, reveals new research.

People who consume sodas daily could face risk of cancer

Soda lovers beware! A new study has found that people who drink 1 or more can of soda per day could be possibly exposed to an ingredient 4-methylimidazole, which is a potential carcinogen.

Cancer cases to increase rapidly worldwide by 2030

 Cancer cases worldwide will increase rapidly between 2008 to 2030 with the poorest countries likely to see a 100 per cent rise in the cases, according to a report released at a world health summit here.

'Mistrust, low health literacy key barriers to better health'

 Describing Ebola outbreak as a "communications catastrophe", a new report has cited controversy, mistrust, and low health literacy as the key barriers to better health.

Changing stem cell structure can tackle obesity

Slight regulation in the length of primary cilia -- small hair-like projections found on most cells -- can prevent the production of fat cells from human stem cells taken from an adult bone marrow, reveals new research.

Experts call for urgent action to tackle health challenges

Amid spread of deadly diseases like Ebola, reduction in budgets and fluid global borders, experts at a world health summit Tuesday called for urgent action to meet healthcare challenges.

Former Maharashtra home minister RR Patil dies of oral cancer

Former Maharashtra home minister RR Patil, who was suffering from oral cancer, passed away in Mumbai on Monday.