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I was trying a balancing act in Cancun: Ramesh

Jairam Ramesh said his effort at the Cancun meet was to ensure a balance.

Won`t accept binding climate commitment until India, China: US

The US says it will not accept legally binding commitment until it is done equally by India, China.

India says won`t accept legally-binding emissions cuts

Facing pressure to accept emissions cuts, India said it will not budge from its stand on the issue.

More nations may pledge carbon limits at Cancun

More countries are expected to pledge specific actions to limit carbon emissions over next decade.

US, China move closer on key climate issue

US and China narrowdifferences on a key element - how to monitor greenhouse gas emissions.

Activists head to Cancun as talks hit obstacles

More than 400 environmental activists left Mexico City in a convoy headed to a UN climate conference in Cancun.

Time for compromise, UN climate talks told

"A richer tapestry of efforts is needed", warned UN climate chief Christiana Figueres.

Cancun & the climate ‘standstill’

The next pit-stop in the annual climate change jamboree is Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun & the climate ‘standstill’

The next pit-stop in the annual climate change jamboree is Cancun, Mexico.

India to play `bridge` role at Cancun: Jairam

India will act as a bridge between developing & developed countries at Cancun summit, says Jairam.

EU sticks to 20-percent carbon cuts

It also offered to go to 30 percent if other industrialised powers follow suit.

Climate change treaty must address health issues

The World Health Organisation Tuesday said next month`s Cancun summit must address health concerns.

US plays down expectations for climate talks

The top US climate negotiator warned against any expectations of a binding deal at the next UN conference.

`US not in position to take lead on climate change`

“The leadership role that US could have played on climate change is not forthcoming,” says Ramesh.

Prospects of breakthrough in Cancun very remote: Ramesh

Jairam Ramesh said a breakthrough at the Cancun meet unlikely due to unwillingness of top emitters.