Google adds Monaco, Cancun, Isla Mujeres to underwater Street View

Google has reportedly added new locations to its underwater Street View imagery, including spots around Monaco, Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

Most-wanted US fugitive caught in Cancún, Mexico

Suspect Vincent Legrend Walters is wanted in San Diego on murder charges in the 1988 killing of a woman kidnapped as part of a drug deal.

UN climate chief urges quick follow up of Cancun agreements

The agreement achieved at climate summit in Cancun was a "big step" that exceeded expectations.

India played `constructive` role at Cancun: US

India played a constructive role to bring solutions to difficult issues at the recent UN climate meet.

British PM warns countries to keep Cancun pledges

David Cameron warned that countries had to stick to their promises.

British PM warns countries to keep Cancun pledges

The climate agreement struck in Mexico represented a success but warned that countries had to stick to their promises.

UN meeting OKs climate deal

The conference approved a two-part climate deal that creates a Green Climate Fund.

BASIC nations happy with Cancun texts: Ramesh

The BASIC countries are a bloc of 4 large developing nations Brazil, South Africa, India and China.

Don`t read too much into Ramesh`s statement at Cancun: PM

Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh had yesterday said all countries must take binding commitments in appropriate legal form.

Don`t read too much into Ramesh`s statement at Cancun: PM

PM Manmohan Singh sought to downplay controversial remarks made by Jairam Ramesh in Cancun.

Climate negotiators struggle to finalise Cancun text

Negotiators are struggling to finalise the outcome of the 2-week Climate Change conference that has been enlivened by India`s call for emission cuts by countries.

India`s climate position `nuanced`: Ramesh

Jairam Ramesh said that India will not accept internationally legally binding emission cuts.

Bolivian says climate talks may commit `ecocide`

Cancun climate talks may commit "ecocide" if it fails to take decisive action to halt global warming.

Pressure on India to accept legally binding pact

The US, India and China are not in favor of accepting a legally binding agreement.

Progress at Cancun `insufficient`: UN chief

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has said that the progress at the climate conference has been "insufficient".

India objects shifting of HFCs from Kyoto

Kyoto Protocol only apply to industrialised countries but Montreal Protocol applies to all parties.

China buoys climate talks

China offered to submit its voluntary carbon emissions target to a binding UN resolution.

Compromise spirit at climate talks in last days

A spirit of compromise seems to have settled over the annual UN climate conference.

Kyoto Protocol, finance make or break issues in Cancun: Ramesh

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said many countries are opposed to continuation Kyoto.

India stresses `equity` at climate talks in Cancun

As pressure builds on China and India to cut down carbon emissions both countries have asserted that measures to combat climate change.