Eating cooked carbs made humans smarter than others
Eating cooked carbs made humans smarter than others

Eating meat may have kick-started the evolution of bigger brains, but carbohydrate consumption, particularly in the form of cooked starchy foods together with evolution of genes that increased our ability to digest starch made us smarter.

Eating refined carbs ups risk for depression

Eating food high in refined carbohydrates such as white bread and white rice may increase the risk of depression in post-menopausal women.

Need a 'sweeter' way to lose muffin top? Eat chocolates!

 A new research has revealed that chocolate can aid weight loss when combined with a low-carb diet.

Simple potato extract can control obesity

To the delight of potato lovers, researchers have found a simple potato extract may limit weight gain from a diet which is high in fat and refined carbohydrates.

Festive food can prove harmful for Type 2 Diabetes patients

 Overeating at a holiday get together could be harmful for people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, says a new study.

Taste buds can taste carbohydrates: Study

Everyone knows that the tongue has five senses i.e sweet ,sour, salty, savory and bitter tastes. But scientists now believe that we have one more sense that our tongue can differentiate, i.e. it allows us to perceive carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates rich diet could up dementia risk

Researchers have linked carbohydrate calorie-rich diets to a greater risk for brain shrinkage, dementia and Alzheimer`s disease, impaired cognition, and other disorders.

Weight loss may help control blood sugar levels

Maintaining the right balance of carbohydrates and proteins in meals together with right time gap can help in a smooth journey of weight loss and appropriate sugar levels, it has been revealed.

Gut bacteria linked to colorectal cancer

Researchers have discovered that colorectal cancer patients had fewer beneficial bacteria and more harmful bacteria than people without the disease.

6 tips for eating healthy during Menopause

Menopause is a frightening word for women. This transition is a consequence of biological aging and accompanying signs and effects that can occur during the menopause years can significantly disrupt their daily activities and sense of well-being.

Now, natural sweetener that`s calorie and carbohydrates free

The Credit Suisse study notes that stevia-an all-natural alternative to sugar and high-fructose corn syrup-is one increasingly popular alternative.

Know the right quantity of nutrients required by body

It`s well known that iron, vitamins or carbohydrates are nutrients essential to keep our body fit. But be careful about the quantity, warns an expert.

`Evil food` carbohydrates key to losing weight

Experts have claimed that cycling between several low or no-carbohydrates days followed by a single high-carbohydrate day can be an effective way to shed weight.

Flatulence? Eat smart, exercise and you`ll be okay

Caused by reasons such as overeating, consumption of difficult to digest foods like milk and rajma and other health problems, the audible discharge of intestinal gas is annoying to say the least.

Top ten energy boosting foods

Fatigue or tiredness, lethargy, etc., can be caused by overexertion, both mental and physical, sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, illness or overall health condition.

Eating carbs for dinner can help cut diabetes risk

A diet with carbohydrates eaten mostly at dinner could benefit people suffering from severe and morbid obesity, a new research has revealed.

Sugar, carbs can up risk of dementia: Study

Elderly who eat food high in carbohydrates and sugar have nearly four times the risk of developing dementia, a new study has claimed.

Olympic aspirants must have lots of proteins and no carbs

Include lots of humble `paneer` in your diet, eat four meals a day and cut out carbohydrates to be a successful Olympian, nutritionists have said.

New clue to chemical origins of life discovered

Scientists have shed light on the origin of the carbohydrates (sugars) that form the building blocks of life.

Eva Mendes doesn`t mind eating carbohydrates

Eva Mendes says people are shocked when they see her eating bread because most of the Hollywood stars shy away from carbohydrates.