Pope tells cardinals to shun intrigue, cliques of a royal court

Pope Francis urged cardinals, who make up the top echelon of the Roman Catholic Church, on Sunday to shun the intrigue, gossip and cliques typical of a royal court.

Pope to create 19 new cardinals, many from outside Europe

Pope Francis will create his first batch of cardinals on Saturday, with nine of the 19 coming from South America, Africa and Asia.

Pope names 19 new cardinals, focusing on the poor

Pope Francis named his first batch of cardinals, choosing 19 men from Asia, Africa, and elsewhere.

Cardinals urged to unite behind new pope

Italian cardinal Angelo Sodano, in a homily on Tuesday before thousands of pilgrims, urged leaders of the Roman Catholic Church to unite behind the new pope to be elected in the conclave starting on Tuesday.

Cardinals tweet `Goodbye` ahead of `secret` papal conclave

Cardinals took to twitter to post goodbye tweets to their followers before they get confined within Sistine Chapel`s secret conclave for uncertain time.

Vatican still waiting for 5 cardinals for conclave

The Sistine Chapel closed to visitors and construction work got under way to prepare it for the conclave, where cardinals from around the world will gather to elect the new pope after Benedict XVI`s resignation last month.

Cardinals begin pre-conclave meetings amid scandal

Cardinals said on Monday they wanted to be briefed about the true state of Vatican dysfunction before they elect the next pope.

Cardinals to hold pre-conclave meeting on March 4

Cardinals will begin holding formal meetings starting March 4 as part of their preparations for a conclave to elect the new pope, the Vatican said on Friday.

Pope creates 22 new cardinals amid Vatican tensions

Pope Benedict XVI put his stamp of authority on the body that will elect his successor as he appointed 22 new cardinals.

Pope Benedict XVI names 22 new cardinals

Cardinals are the pope`s top advisers, the elite group of churchmen who will eventually elect Benedict`s successor.

Pope elevates 24 new cardinals amid cheers

Benedict read each of the names of the "princes of the church" in Latin.

Pope calls cardinals to Rome for abuse talks

Pope Benedict XVI has invited the cardinals for talks next week on cases of sexual abuse.

Pope Benedict XVI announces 24 new cardinals

Pope Benedict XVI said that he will create 24 new cardinals next month for the Catholic Church.