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Cataract likely to elevate depression in oldies

Cataract likely to elevate depression in oldies

The problem in vision can cause oldies to become isolated, alone and delve deeper into depression which might make them less likely to seek treatment for cataracts, the study said.

Vitamin C reduces risk of cataract progression

According to a latest reports eating a diet rich in Vitamin C can slow down the risk of cataract progression by a third.

Soon, eye drops to clear up cataracts

Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have discovered a new chemical that could be added to eye drops to help clear up cataracts, the leading cause of blindness.

New compound can reverse cataract

 A team of scientists has identified a new chemical that can be used in eye drops to reverse cataracts which are a leading cause of blindness worldwide.

These new eye drops could reverse cataracts!

Good news for people suffering from eye cataracts!

Home eye care service launched in Delhi

 With an aim to making eye care more accessible, a leading health institution here on Friday launched its home eye-care services.