Plants defend themselves while being eaten
Plants defend themselves while being eaten

Vegetarians please note! Next time when you chew upon your favourite lettuce, be a little more considerate.

Parasites created to fight caterpillars

The Department of Horticulture here has developed a parasite in its laboratory at nearby Thumbe to fight the menace caused by caterpillars, a senior official said.

Caterpillars in Tibetan mountains could hold key to new anti-inflammatory drugs

Caterpillar fungi (Cordyceps) - rare parasites found on hibernating caterpillars in the mountains of Tibet, are offering new hope for sufferers of asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, renal failure and stroke damage.

Caterpillars inspiring Next Gen robots

Researchers designed a 10-cm long soft-bodied robot `GoQBot`, which copies caterpillar`s movements.

Caterpillars mimic twigs to fool predators

Caterpillars that masquerade as twigs are using clever strategies to outwit their predators.