'Shameful attacks on Christians in India sends the world wrong message'

What stops a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi, who has a strong mandate, to put a full stop on attacks on Christians in India, ask community leaders in the country, adding that it sends a wrong message to the world about India.

Sri Lanka prepares for Pope's visit

Sri Lanka`s new Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has entrusted his United National Party (UNP) senior parliamentarian John Amaratunga with the task of organizing the visit of Pope Francis to the island-nation from January 13 to 15.

Under fire from bishops, Pope shirts pulled from Philippine stores

The Philippines`s largest broadcaster pulled souvenir T-shirts for an upcoming papal visit from its stores Monday, after coming under fire from Catholic bishops irked by the words "no religion" emblazoned on them.

KCBC asks faithful not to vote for atheists

Kerala Catholic Bishops` Council on Sunday directed the faithful not to vote for atheists and promoters of communalism in the April 10 polls to the Lok Sabha from Kerala.

Catholic Bishops` meet calls for inter-faith dialogue

The Catholic church in India today called for strengthening inter-faith and inter-church dialogues and emphasised the need to ensure that all sections of the society benefited from its ministry.