Guatemalan Catholics set sawdust carpet record

Guatemala City`s first record-breaking carpet last year was an initiative to invite Pope Francis to visit.

Philippine Catholics make lifelong sacrifice after typhoon

Returning to their destroyed village after a catastrophic typhoon that killed thousands in the Philippines last year, a weary band of Catholics vowed a lifelong sacrifice to thank God for saving them.

Goa Catholics demand change in poll date

Catholics and some political parties in Goa have opposed the Election Commission`s decision to hold the elections to the Lok Sabha seats from the state April 17, which clashes with Maundy Thursday, a day of religious significance.

Pray for peace, says Pope Francis

Pope Francis has called on Catholics to pray for peace.

India is a Hindu nation in the cultural sense, says Goa CM

Catholics in Goa are culturally Hindu and India is a Hindu nation in the cultural sense, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has said.

Virgin Mary teaches Catholics decisiveness: Pope

Catholics should emulate the Virgin Mary`s ability to take decisions by trusting god, according to Pope Francis.

Pope hopes China`s Catholics can pray without fear

Pope Francis hopes Chinese Catholics would be able to practise their faith freely and without fear, inviting them to stay loyal to the Vatican, whose authority is challenged by China`s Communist rulers.

Iraqi Catholics celebrate Easter

Iraqi Catholics are flocking to churches around the country to celebrate Easter amid tight security.

Poll finds 76% Catholics optimistic about church after new pope’s election

Nationally, most Catholics have said the election of Pope Francis has made them more optimistic about their church, a new poll has found.

No tax, no blessing: German church insists on levy

In Germany, the surcharge for Catholics, Protestants and Jews is a surcharge of up to nine per cent on their income tax bills.

Catholics protest their portrayal in Bollywood films

Catholic groups protested their portrayal in bad light in Bollywood movies.

Fishermen row: Catholics join RSS to flay cardinal

The Catholics in Kerala has reacted strongly against the "reported" statement by the newly appointed Cardinal on the killing of two Indian fishermen.

Pope Benedict XVI wraps up his visit to Spain

Benedict XVI urged Europe`s young people in his homily to help the continent "find" its Christian roots.

Pope warns Catholics against `fashionable ideas`

Pope Benedict XVI urged them to base their lives on "solid rock, resistant to the onslaught of adversity."

Belfast police, Catholics clash at end of parades

Catholic youths lashed out at police both before and after the marches by the Orange Order.

Pope warns Catholics against `fear of the other`

Europe has been mired in controversy over arrival of refugees from N Africa.

Shortage of Bishops a major problem for Chinese Catholics

11 dioceses are awaiting approval of their
elected spiritual leaders.

Catholics can`t confess via iPhone: Vatican

Catholics cannot confess via iPhone, the Vatican spokesman said on Wednesday.

Condoms acceptable only in `exceptional` cases: Vatican

Pope Benedict XVI said that condom use might be justified in some cases.

Catholic population in world rises by 11.5 percent

The number of Catholics in the world rose by 11.5 percent to 1.166 billion between 2000 and 2008 that includes a "dramatic increase" in Africa and Asia, the Vatican has said.

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