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Islamic State claims deadly shooting in Russia's Caucasus: SITE

Islamic State claims deadly shooting in Russia's Caucasus: SITE

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for a shooting at an ancient citadel in Russia`s volatile North Caucasus region of Dagestan that killed one and injured 11, the SITE Intelligence Group said.

'Fourth strand' of ancient European ancestry spread to India

Researchers say this strand of ancestry may have flowed into the region with the bringers of Indo-Aryan languages.

Russia `kills 8 IS militants` in Caucasus raid

Russian security services said Sunday that they killed eight Islamists who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and were behind attacks in the Caucasus region.

European Games: Austrian athletes hospitalised in Baku

Three Austrian athletes that were to participate in the inaugural European Games were hospitalised on Thursday in the Azerbaijani capital Baku which is hosting the event, organisers said.

Russian forces kill seven terror suspects in Dagestan

Russian security forces said on Saturday that they had killed seven suspected terrorists in an operation in Russia`s North Caucasus region of Dagestan which has been plagued by an Islamist insurgency.

New beetle species found in world`s deepest cave

Researchers from two Spanish universities have discovered a new species of beetle in the depths of the Krubera cave, the deepest cave known to man, 2,140 metres deep in the Western Caucasus.

Abkhazia parliament calls on president to quit

The parliament of Abkhazia, a small breakaway republic in the Caucasus, has voted for the resignation of the president, Russian news agencies reported on Thursday.

US warns of toothpaste bombs on Russia flights

The US government warned American and foreign airlines that terrorists could try to place explosives disguised as toothpaste on Russia-bound flights.

Selective abortions rife in Caucasus, west Balkans: Study

A French study has found heavy imbalances in the number of newborn girls and boys in the Caucasus and west Balkans, indicating parts of the region are rife with selective abortions.

Three given life imprisonment for Moscow airport bombing

A Russian court Monday sentenced three people involved in a terror attack on the Domodedovo airport in Moscow in 2001 to life imprisonment.

Two killed in blast near mosque in Russian Caucasus

Two people were killed on Thursday when a bomb exploded outside a village mosque in the Russian Caucasus region of Kabardino-Balkaria, the Interior Ministry said.

Two killed in suicide attack in Russia`s Caucasus

Two officials were killed and six more people were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb on Monday in the volatile Russian Caucasus region of Dagestan, police said.

Al Qaeda endorses jihad in Kashmir, urges restraint in killing of non-Muslims

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has issued his first specific guidelines for jihad, urging restraint in attacking other Muslim sects and non-Muslims and in starting conflicts in countries where jihadis might find a safe base to promote their ideas.

Boston bombers have ties with al Qaeda-linked groups?

With one suspect dead and the other lying seriously wounded in a hospital, the FBI investigators are reviewing the suspected Boston Marathon bombers` motives.

Russia: 3 militants, 1 police killed in Caucasus

Russian officials say three militants and a policeman have been killed in two separate incidents in Russia`s Dagestan province.

Russian forces kill top militant in Caucasus

Russian forces killed a senior
militant in the North Caucasus where radical groups are
seeking to impose an Islamist state.

At least 24 killed in Russian Caucasus fighting

Russian forces fought two wars against Chechen rebels, first in 1994-1996 and again beginning in 1999.

Thirteen fighters killed in Russian Caucasus

Russian police say 13
insurgents have been killed in the country`s volatile Caucasus
region, including four in an operation commanded by Chechnya`s
President, himself a former rebel.

Two policemen killed, 3 wounded in Russia`s Caucasus

An Interior Ministry
official in Russia`s restive province of Dagestan says two
police officers have been killed and three wounded in an

Rebels attack security HQ in Russia`s Caucasus: Report

Using a grenade launcher, rebels took aim at regional headquarters of FSB.