`Saturn Opposition` 2014: Watch out for the ringed planet on May 10

Sky watchers will be treated to an enchanting event on Saturday night, May 10 as Saturn, the sixth planet from the Sun, will be at its finest.

Geminid meteor shower to light up December sky

The 2013 Geminid Meteor Shower is all set to light up the sky with a remarkable display of cosmic fireworks beginning Thursday, December 4.

Rare hybrid solar eclipse occurs today

Skywatchers in parts of Africa, Europe and the United States will witness a rare `hybrid` solar eclipse on Sunday.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2013: How to see the rare event on November 3

Skywatchers in parts of Africa, Europe and the United States are in for a celestial treat on Sunday as the Moon will block the Sun in a potentially brilliant solar eclipse - either fully or partially, depending on the location. The event is also known as the annual solar eclipse.

Venus, Moon to create celestial tableau tonight

A celestial treat is in store for star-gazers on Wednesday as the moon and Venus converge in for a beautiful conjunction.

Watch: `Dance` of the planets from May 24 to 30

Astronomy lovers will have another eye-catching pleasure this week as three planets - Venus, Jupiter and Mercury - will come very close to each other in a planetary conjunction.

Century`s second Venus transit on June 6

In a rare celestial occurrence, Venus - the second planet from the Sun and the Earth`s neighbour - will transit across the solar disc early June 6.

Year`s last total lunar eclipse charms enthusiasts

India was one of the best places to see this celestial event because the eclipse was visible in its various phases.

Total lunar eclipse on December 10

This year`s second total lunar eclipse on December 10 will be a wonderful opportunity for viewers in India to witness the 51-minute celestial event.

Massive supernova visible from Earth

A supernova millions of light years away from the Earth has become visible with a pair of binoculars.

Magnificent celestial event on Friday

Star gazers are for a treat as a magnificent celestial event will be visible in the skies on Friday night.

Scientists gear up to study TSE effect on atmosphere, ground

As skygazers gear themselves up to witness the century`s longest Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) on Wednesday, scientists would be observing the Sun at subtler levels to study the rare celestial event and its effects.