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Rare celestial spectacle awaits skygazers

At its closest point, 2011-MD - a chunk of rock estimated to be 8 to 18 m across - will pass in daylight over the southern Atlantic Ocean, near Antarctica.

Rare celestial spectacle awaits skygazers

"The celestial encounter is going to be so close that earth`s gravity will sharply alter the asteriod`s trajectory," said Bharat Adur, director of Akash Ganga Centre forAstronomy (AGCA).

Space enthusiasts throng Jantar Mantar to witness equinox

Skywatchers and space enthusiasts
thronged the Jantar Mantar to witness equinox, a
celestial phenomenon when the day and night are approximately
of equal duration.

Magnificent celestial event on Friday

Star gazers are for a treat as
a magnificent celestial event will be visible in the skies
tomorrow night.