26 cellphones, batteries recovered in Central jail, Nagpur

About 26 mobile phones along with batteries were recovered in Central jail, Nagpur.

Delhi Police gets forensic report of Sunanda Pushkar's cell phones, retrieves deleted texts
Delhi Police gets forensic report of Sunanda Pushkar's cell phones, retrieves deleted texts

Gandhinagar-based Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS) experts on Monday submitted a detailed report of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor's deceased wife Sunanda Pushkar's cellphone records to the Delhi Police.

Sunanda Pushkar's laptop, cellphones sent for forensic analysis

 Delhi Police has handed over the laptop and mobile phones of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor's deceased wife Sunanda Pushkar to Gandhinagar-based Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS), to retrieve crucial data which could help the ongoing probe into her death.

Now, 'Smart' lithium-ion battery that warns before it overheats and explodes

Scientists in Stanford University have developed a "smart" lithium-ion battery that gives ample warning before it overheats and bursts into flames.

British Open: Tiger Woods says round disrupted by cameras

Tiger Woods was playing his second shot into the par-5 18th when he made a sudden stop in the middle of his swing at the British Open.

Extreme use of cellphones may increase brain cancer risk

A new study has revealed that people who use phones excessively are highly prone to brain cancer.

Japanese city bans kids from using cellphones after 9 pm

In an unusual move to curb smartphone addiction in kids, a Japanese city is banning schoolchildren from using cellphones after 9 pm.

It`s confirmed! Cellphones do not cause cancer

A new study has found that cellphones do not increase the risks of childhood cancer or leukaemia.

Wearable gadgets not ready for prime time, tech watchers say

Despite the hoopla, wearable gadgets like wristwatches for checking your text messages or eyeglasses that capture video are unlikely to make a splash with consumers anytime soon, given the clumsy designs, high prices and technological constraints of many of the current offerings.

Now, charge your cellphones with puddle of water

Researchers in Sweden have developed a new technique where you can charge your devices anywhere without electricity, provided there is a water source nearby.

One in four teens use cellphones to browse web

Internet goes mobile! Instead of using desktops or laptops, most teens now rely on their phones to go online, a new US study has found.

Pak militants force ban on songs, videos on cellphones

The management of two markets have closed shops frequented by people wanting to load songs and music and dance videos on the memory cards used in mobile phones.

New `super stretchable` conduction wires for cellphones

New conduction wires that can be stretched up to eight times their original length and used in headphones and phone chargers have been developed.

Knives and cellphones seized from jail blocks

Three mobile phones and some SIM cards were among materials seized during a raid at the central jail here on Saturday, police said.

Girlfriends, bikes, cellphones to blame for mishaps: Raman

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh kicked up a controversy when he blamed "girlfriends, bikes and mobile phones" for the rising cases of road accidents in the state.

New chip could allow cellphones to see through walls

Researchers at UT Dallas have designed an imager chip that could turn mobile phones into devices that can see through walls, wood, plastics, paper and other objects.

Okay to give early teens cellphones, but not tablets

The appropriate age for teens to own a cell phone is 13 to 15 years but for tablets and smart phones, it should be 16 years or more, a new survey has revealed.

Kids absorb more radiation from cellphones than adults

A new study has revealed that children absorb twice as much microwave radiation from cellphones as adults do.

Paris Hilton left fuming after losing two cell phones on flight

Paris Hilton was recently left fuming, when she lost two cell phones during a flight to the Philippines.

Cellphone cancer warning falls lightly on US ears

World Health Organization said last week cellphones might raise the risk of brain cancer.