Iran's Internet censorship not working: President

President Hassan Rouhani re-entered Iran's feverish debate on Internet censorship and gender segregation on Sunday, saying neither policy was in the country's interest.

Children should not see violence: Aamir Khan
Children should not see violence: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has praised Rani Mukerji's latest release ‘Mardaani’, but says that the film has violence and children shouldn't be exposed to such things.

EU voices `extreme concern` over Thai coup crackdowns

The European Union has voiced "extreme concern" about political detentions and censorship in Thailand, as the military junta chief met officials and began to set out plans for the country`s future.

Twitter blocks `blasphemous` content on Pakistan`s request

Popular micro-blogging site Twitter has blocked several tweets and accounts in Pakistan after officials asked it to prohibit access to "blasphemous" and "unethical" content.

Microsoft denies Chinese-language Bing search censorship

Microsoft on Wednesday denied censoring Chinese-language search results across the globe, but the group behind the accusation stood firm.

Microsoft denies global censorship of China-related searches

Microsoft Corp denied on Wednesday it was omitting websites from its Bing search engine results for users outside China after a Chinese rights group said the U.S. firm was censoring material the government deems politically sensitive.

Rise of social media will lead to China`s liberalization: Eric Schmidt

Google`s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt has reportedly said that the rise of social media in China will lead to its liberalisation.

Now, people in `internet-censored countries` can use web through friends in free ones

People who live under oppressive regimes will soon be able to browse the web using the internet connection of friends living in countries that do not ban using the net.

There`s a natural censorship inside my system: Shah Rukh Khan

A `self aware` actor will never do a film that is not an extension of his personality, believes superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who refrains from saying or doing certain things.

Chinese newspaper issues corrections after dispute

Journalists at the Southern Weekly said the mistakes resulted from last-minute changes made by censors who ignored a usual review by the paper`s editorial department.

Censorship necessary: Nobel literature winner Mo Yan

Mo said he doesn`t feel that censorship should stand in the way of truth but that any defamation, or rumors, "should be censored."

PM favours self regulation by media

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said censorship was no answer to irresponsible journalism and favoured self regulation by media. Friday was National Press Day.

Alternate scenes shot for `Kya Super Kool Hain Hum` for TV

After the TV debacle of `The Dirty Picture`, producer Ekta Kapoor has shot for alternative scenes of her latest adult comedy `Kya Super Kool Hain Hum` for tv viewing.

`Censorship of social media fans public unrest`

A research suggests that uncensored citizens experience less violence and longer periods of peace between outbursts than communities subject to censorship.

New York Times launches Chinese language website

The New York Times has launched a Chinese language website. According to The BBC, the paper said the portal targeted ``educated, affluent and global citizens`` of China`s growing middle class.

Censorship in China is morally wrong: Dalai Lama

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has criticised the Chinese government`s censorship policy as morally wrong.

Lanka to censor news alerts about military, police

Sri Lanka`s Defense Ministry on Monday ordered news outlets to get prior approval before sending mobile phone alerts.

Censorship poses revenue risks: Facebook

Social networking giant Facebook
has said content censorship and restrictions could hurt its revenue growth.

Delhi youths against any censorship: Study

Youths of India is determined to retain its personal liberty.

Twitter`s new censorship plans face opposition

Twitter, earlier unveiled plans to allow country-specific censorship of tweets that might break local laws.