Devout Muslims claim crackdown in Tajikistan amid Syria fears

 Rustam Gulov was walking in Khudzhand, a city in Central Asia`s Tajikistan, when police detained him and took him to the station. By the time he came out, his beard had been shaved clean -- against his will. 

Austria tries Kazakhs in tale of murder, suicide and power

 Kazakhstan`s former intelligence head and an ex-bodyguard went on trial in Austria Tuesday in the latest installment of a complex tale of murder, suicide and power struggles inside the autocratic gas-rich Central Asian state.

Indian-American physicians' role praised by US lawmakers

US lawmakers have lauded Indian- origin American physicians for their role in passage of a bill by the Congress that reformulates the way physicians are reimbursed for a government health insurance for seniors.

Kyrgyzstan to vote on controversial anti-gay law

Kyrgyzstan is set to vote on a controversial bill that would make it a crime punishable by up to six months in jail to present gay relationships in a positive way in the ex-Soviet state.

Pak designer`s work inspired by Central Asia, Ottoman courts

Bringing the best of Pakistani fashion for the first time at the upcoming season of Lakme Fashion Week (LFW), Pakistani designer Faiza Samee says her work has been influenced by her journey through Central Asian landscapes and the Ottoman courts.

Kyrgyzstan`s ex-president sentenced to life

A former president of Kyrgyzstan has been convicted and sentenced in absentia to life in prison for his role in violently breaking up an opposition rally, resulting in 77 deaths.

Al Qaeda affiliates threaten Afghanistan, region: UN

Al Qaeda affiliates from Pakistan and Uzbekistan are participating regularly in attacks on Afghan military forces, UN experts said in a new report.

US envoy vows Central Asia `commitment` after Afghanistan exit

The United States will remain committed and engaged in Central Asia after this year`s troop pullout from Afghanistan, US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns said in ex-Soviet Uzbekistan on Wednesday.

Central Asian nations get assurances of no nukes

The world`s five nuclear powers pledged not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against five Central Asian nations that have banned nuclear weapons.

HIV infections up in Europe and Central Asia

HIV infections in Europe and Central Asia increased by eight percent in 2012 compared to a year earlier, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control announced Wednesday.

Tajiks set to elect strongman leader for fourth term

Voters in Tajikistan, the poorest state in the former USSR, were on Wednesday expected to hand President Emomali Rakhmon an easy victory for a fourth term at the helm of his Central Asian state bordering Afghanistan.

Thousands of Russian nationalists march in Moscow

About 10,000 Russian ultra- nationalists marched through Moscow on Monday in a protest against Muslim migrants that saw police make dozens of arrests.

India, China hold first ever dialogue on Central Asia

India and China held their first official dialogue on Central Asia focusing on their "very similar" approaches in the strategically important region on issues like counter-terrorism, regional and energy security.

Mystery behind Kazakhstan`s large pentagram revealed

A large pentagram, etched on the wind-blown steppes of central Asia, in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, has continued to baffle many.

India has huge role to play in Silk Road`s success: Grossman

India has important role to play in success of New Silk Road, a concept being pushed by the US government to boost trade and business between South and Central Asia, a former US official has said.

India maintains strategic air base in Central Asia

India is in talks with Tajikistan
to set up a military hospital there even as it maintains an airbase in Ayni there, the country`s only such facility overseas.

Central Asia`s largest mosque ravaged by fire

Emergency officials say at least one person has died in a fire at the largest mosque in Central Asia, in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan on alert after unprecedented attacks

A suspected Islamist killed seven people in a shooting rampage and suicide bombing.

Hillary pushes rights in ex-Soviet Central Asia

US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton was expected to press Uzbek President Islama
Karimov on human rights and regional cooperation as she
arrived in the strategically-located ex-Soviet state.

Uzbeks flaunt Central Asia`s 1st high-speed train

Uzbekistan upgraded its Soviet-era rail road
infrastructure at the total cost of USD 116.8 million.