Chancellor Angela Merkel

Merkel battles turmoil as German coalition talks collapse

Merkel battles turmoil as German coalition talks collapse

Germany now faces weeks, if not months, of paralysis with a lame-duck government that is unlikely to take bold policy action at home or on the European stage.

Nov 20, 2017, 19:33 PM IST

Merkel's fate in balance as German coalition talks drag

Merkel's disputed liberal refugee policy that let in more than a million asylum seekers since 2015 came back to haunt her.

Nov 17, 2017, 16:09 PM IST
Germany's far-right AfD has more immigrant MPs than Merkel's conservatives

Germany's far-right AfD has more immigrant MPs than Merkel's conservatives

The AfD has been sharply critical of Merkel's decision to take in 1.3 million mainly Muslim migrants and says Islam has no place in Germany.

Sep 29, 2017, 23:02 PM IST
Merkel's party seeks key victory in bellwether state vote

Merkel's party seeks key victory in bellwether state vote

But surveys ahead of the vote showed the centre-left party running neck-and-neck with Merkel`s Christian Democratic Union, with some even placing the CDU ahead.

May 14, 2017, 18:01 PM IST

Merkel's conservatives defeat SPD rivals in northern state vote

The result leaves the CDU short of sufficient support to rule alone in the state, but means the SPD cannot continue to govern in coalition with the Greens and the South Schleswig Party (SSW), which represents the ethnic Danish minority.

May 07, 2017, 22:38 PM IST

Angela Merkel seeks good ties with Trump, despite differences

Chancellor Angela Merkel says it's in Germany's interest to have good relations with the United States, despite disagreeing with President Donald Trump on important issues.

Apr 13, 2017, 15:17 PM IST

Angela Merkel affirms German backing for two-state solution to Israel-Palestine conflict

Chancellor Angela Merkel is reiterating Germany's long-held support for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and its rejection of Israeli settlements.

Mar 24, 2017, 20:34 PM IST

German Social Democrats still hard on heels of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives - Poll

Germany`s Social Democrats (SPD) held steady at 31 percent support in a survey published on Wednesday, remaining hard on the heels of Chancellor Angela Merkel`s conservatives - on 34 percent - seven months ahead of a federal election.

Feb 22, 2017, 12:32 PM IST

Bavaria pushes ahead with burqa ban as elections loom

Bavaria will ban the full-face veil in schools, universities, government workplaces and polling stations, the southern German state said on Tuesday.

Feb 22, 2017, 09:22 AM IST
Gabriel named foreign minister after ruling out Merkel challenge

Gabriel named foreign minister after ruling out Merkel challenge

Gabriel, 57, now replaces as Germany's top diplomat Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who is set to take over the largely ceremonial post of federal president in Feb.

Jan 27, 2017, 18:54 PM IST

Merkel aide says cannot confirm Munich shooting was terrorism

Germany cannot confirm that the shooting attack in Munich in which at least nine people were killed on Friday was an act of terrorism, Chancellor Angela Merkel`s chief of staff said.

Jul 23, 2016, 03:10 AM IST

Hunt for new president puts Merkel on election footing

German President Joachim Gauck Monday said that he would not stand for a second term.

Jun 06, 2016, 18:36 PM IST
Germany's right-wing AfD to adopt anti-Islam manifesto

Germany's right-wing AfD to adopt anti-Islam manifesto

AfD leaders have stated that "Islam is not part of Germany" and on the second day of the party's congress on Sunday were also expected to demand bans on Muslim symbols in Germany.

May 01, 2016, 16:29 PM IST

Germany accepts Turkish request to seek prosecution of German comedian

The request has put Merkel in a tricky position because she has spearheaded the effort to secure a deal between the EU and Turkey on migrants.

Apr 15, 2016, 19:50 PM IST

Merkel hails refugee progress with Turkey, vows to push EU bid

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has hailed progress in helping Turkey deal with the refugee crisis and vowed to push forward its long-stalled EU membership bid, as Slovenia warned it would have to slow a rising influx of migrants.

Oct 19, 2015, 06:10 AM IST

German government on defensive over spying reports

German lawmakers called on the government to respond to reports that the country's intelligence agency spied on the United States.

Oct 17, 2015, 03:32 AM IST

Belgian prosecutors investigate Germany over spy claims

Belgian prosecutors have launched an investigation into allegations of widespread surveillance by Germany, which is alleged to have helped the US spy on Berlin`s allies in Europe.

Jun 08, 2015, 03:45 AM IST

Russian return to G7 `unimaginable` for now: Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday a return of Russia to the Group of Seven major industrialised nations is "unimaginable" as long as it flouts international law in Ukraine.

May 21, 2015, 13:45 PM IST

No proof so far that NSA bugged Merkel's phone: Prosecutor

Germany`s top public prosecutor said an investigation into suspected tapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel`s mobile phone by U.S. spies had so far failed to find any concrete evidence.

Dec 11, 2014, 20:55 PM IST

Germans, foreigners fete Berlin Wall`s fall 25 years on

Hundreds of thousands descended on the German capital Saturday for festivities to mark the Berlin Wall`s fall 25 years ago, stirring emotions and bringing memories flooding back of its joyous toppling.

Nov 09, 2014, 03:31 AM IST