Smartphone charger on a keychain!

You may not need to carry a charger for your smartphone any more; just make sure you carry your keychain with you.

World`s fastest external phone charger developed

Researchers have invented the world`s `fastest` external phone charger which ends the need to plug your smartphone into a wall electricity socket and can charge your device in just 15 minutes.

Scientists develop Cochlear implants without exterior hardware

Scientists have now developed a new, low-power signal-processing chip that could lead to a cochlear implant without any external hardware.

Now, charge your Galaxy Note 3 with wireless-charging cover!

A new wireless-charging cover lets Galaxy Note 3 owners charge their device via a Qi-compatible charging pad.

Now, a charger which can hack any Apple iOS device

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a charger, which is capable of hacking any iOS when plugged in.

Universal cell phone charger in 2011!

The 14 most prominent mobile manufacturers have been sent details by the European Commission of a new standard for charger that will be useable across a range of smart phones.