Turkey urges Muslims to ignore French `comic book biography` of Prophet Mohammed

Turkey has urged Muslims to ignore the `comic book biography` of Islam`s founder by a French magazine and condemned its publication.

French paper to publish comic on Prophet Mohammed

A French weekly newspaper will release a comic book biography of Prophet Mohammed.

In Egypt, fighting anti-Islam cartoons with cartoons

A secular Egyptian daily has come out with its latest issue publishing cartoons mocking the anti-Islam views.

Iranian students protest outside French embassy

The French weekly Charlie Hebdo published naked cartoons of Prophet Mohammad.

Syrian group files complaint over French Prophet cartoons

Paris will close embassies, consulates and schools in 20 Muslim countries starting Friday – the Muslim holy day.

French embassies face closure over Prophet`s cartoon

Paris announced it will close embassies, consulates and schools in 20 Muslim countries starting Friday, the French newspaper reported.

French weekly features Prophet Mohammed cartoons

In what might add fuel to the fire, a French satirical weekly magazine published Prophet Mohammed cartoons.

French paper reprints Prophet cartoon

The weekly Charlie Hebdo defended "the freedom to poke fun" in the four-page supplement.

Prophet issue: French weekly hits back post attack

A firebomb attack gutted the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday after it put an image of Prophet Mohammad on its cover.

French magazine portraying Prophet gutted

A leading French magazine called itself the ‘Sharia Weekly’ and named Prophet Mohammed as its editor-in-chief.