Job seekers claim being cheated by travel agency of Rs 60 lakh

Hundreds of people today staged a protest outside Indirapuram police station here alleging that they had been cheated to the tune of Rs 60 lakh by a travel agency with the promise of being provided jobs in the UAE.

Two Britishers cheated in Jaipur

Two British nationals were duped of Rs 6.8 lakh by two touts who had promised to deliver gold jewellery to them, police said.

I felt cheated when I realized Arnie and Marie’s affair: Brigitte Nielsen

Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen has revealed all about her passionate romance with Arnold Schwarzenegger during the making of the action film ‘Red Sonja’ in 1985 and how he cheated her for Maria Shriver.

Sarah Harding has been cheated several times

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding love for bad boys has led her being heartbroken several times.

Ryan Reynolds cheated on his wife Scarlett: Report

`Gossip Girl` star Blake Lively is reportedly the third person involved in the Scarlett Johannson-Ryan Reynolds split.

Hundreds of depositors cheated as two chit fund cos closed

Hundreds of depositors from
small and middle class families including retired persons have
been cheated by two chit fund finance companies owned by one K
Umamaheswarudu, as the two companies have been closed, police