Fake Chinese bank cheats depositors of $32 mn

A rural cooperative posing as a bank cheated more than 200 unwitting depositors of USD 32 million, promising higher returns on their deposits in eastern China.

Chelsea has the most 'adulterous' fans

Chelsea has the most 'adulterous' fans

Chelsea has reportedly topped the league for the first time since 2010, but for having the most unfaithful supporters.

‘What`s wrong in calling ministers liars, cheats?’

Rights activist Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on HRD minister Kapil Sibal, asking him what was wrong in civil society members calling ministers "liars, cheats and conspirators."

Lords leader `cheats` on wife: Report

A Tory Cabinet Minister was in
the middle of a sex scandal after he allegedly cheated on his
wife and slept with a blonde lover.

Cheats arrested in west Delhi

Four persons, including a woman hailing from Bangladesh, were arrested in west Delhi for allegedly cheating people by luring them into exchanging dollars with Indian currency at very cheap rates, police said.