India plans to build Light Combat Helicopters indigenously from 2017-18 onwards

The production plan for indigenously-built Light Combat Helicopters have been made from 2017-18 onwards, the government said on Friday, adding that they are not a replacement for the ageing fleets of Chetak and Cheetah helicopters.

62% of military chopper crashes since 1986 due to human error: Manohar Parrikar

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday said 62 percent of military chopper accidents in the country since 1986 has taken place due to "human error", trashing claims by a group of army officers' wives seeking replacement of Cheetah and Chetak helicopters.

Army chopper crashes in Dimapur, personnel escape with minor injuries

Three army personnel, including Lt Gen. Bipin Rawat, had a lucky escape on Monday as a Cheetah helicopter carrying them crashed seconds after taking off from Rangapahar helipad in Nagaland's Dimapur district.

Army chopper crashes in Dimapur

A Cheetah helicopter of the Indian Army crashed while taking off at the Rangapahar helipad in Nagaland's Dimapur district on Monday.

Cheetah reintroduction hits roadblock for want of funds
Cheetah reintroduction hits roadblock for want of funds

An ambitious project to reintroduce cheetah in India in the forests of Madhya Pradesh has hit a roadblock for want of funds.

Martial Arts trainer Yajnesh Shetty gets Bharat Gaurav

Renowned Martial Arts trainer Yajnesh Shetty, has been awarded Bharat Gaurav Puraskar at a ceremony held at Islamic Culture Center, here.

Iran tries to save Asiatic cheetah from extinction

Iran is rushing to try to save one of the world`s critically endangered species, the Asiatic cheetah, and bring it back from the verge of extinction in its last remaining refuge.

The tiny mite is world`s fastest land animal!

All of you must be knowing that cheetah is the fastest land animal. But now the Cheetah has been beaten to the title of fastest animal in the world by the tiny Californian mite.

WII plans Rs 260 cr proj for reintroducing cheetah in India

Cheetah, which became extinct from the country about seven decades back, may find a home in India if the Centre agrees to fund WII`s Rs 260 crore project for reintroducing the feline in
Nauradehi wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh`s Sagar district.

Cheetah`s mix of stealth and speed similar to race cars

A new study has claimed that Cheetahs move like race cars by maintaining a fine balance of speed against manoeuvring capability.

Adam Sandler attacked by Cheetah on African safari

Adam Sandler was mauled by a cheetah after he tried to feed the wild animal with his bare hands during a visit to a wildlife park in Africa.

Speed -- and brakes -- make the cheetah a champion

Cheetahs are renowned as the fastest things on legs, but just as important as their speed is their ability to brake, enabling them to twist and turn in pursuit of prey, a study published on Wednesday says.

Usain Bolt can’t be faster than a cheetah

Even Usain Bolt, currently the fastest man in the world, couldn’t outpace greyhounds, cheetahs, or the pronghorn antelope, according to a light-hearted comparison of the extraordinary athleticism of humans and animals in the Veterinary Record.

Chimp from 1930s US ‘Tarzan’ films dead at 80

Cheetah, the chimpanzee that starred in the ‘Tarzan’ films of the 1930s, has passed away at the age of 80, according to the Florida sanctuary where he had lived for more than 50 years.

Cheetah captured while roaming Abu Dhabi

An animal welfare activist said the cheetah might have been kept as a pet.

Nashik: Two pilots killed in chopper crash

Two pilots of Army`s Cheetah
helicopter were killed after the chopper crashed into a thickly-populated residential area of the city this morning.

MP wants to translocate antelopes to Palpur Kuno

Cheetah is proposed to be re-introduced in India`s Palpur Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary.

No decision on reintroducing cheetah in the wild: Govt

No decision has been taken on
reintroduction of cheetah in the wild in the country though
four of them were acquired by a zoo in Gujarat this year under
an animal exchange programme, the government said today.

Plans to replace Cheetah & Chetak to get delayed

Plans to replace the ageing
Cheetah and Chetak chopper fleet of the Army and Air Force are
set to get delayed, thanks to indecision of the Defence
Ministry over conducting of the field trials.